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Our Co-op Distribution program is designed to expand Africa Travel Magazine's circulation base from 10,000 to over 30,000 per issue. How? By harnessing the power of the Internet and distribution through National Tourist Bureaus, ATA's fellow associations and private sector partners. As official voice of the Africa Travel Association, we focus on a key segment of the travel-tourism industry; those most likely to influence and generate travel to Africa. This elite target group, which includes many African American Travel Agents, plus Meeting Planners and Tour Operators, holds the key to thousands of clients, each with a burning desire to visit Africa. Since every issue focuses on a different African host country, our magazine extends its reach and frequency by publishing "advance" and "post" editions. Thus, when Tanzania, Cameroon or any host country stages an ATA event, they get a "repeat" impact months later, and follow-up activities for a year or more. Our magazines never gather dust! Each edition is designed to be a "keeper," with a long shelf-life. Back issues are available for special events and requests. Our 10 distribution points are:

(1) ATA African Congresses, Summits and Symposia

For almost 30 years, the ATA International Congress in Africa has been a highlight each spring, and the ATA Cultural and Ecotourism Symposium is now an annual fall event. In addition, the ATA-IIPT- CCA Africa Peace Through Tourism Conference is attracting world attention and may soon be held annually. On all occasions every delegate receives a gift copy of Africa Travel Magazine.

(2) African National Tourist Bureaus

The first distribution of our magazine is to "high-level" decision makers; African Tourism Ministries and Boards that drive the marketing programs of various countries. With key travel, trade and tourism events happening every month, we provide any country bulk copies at cost plus freight. What this does for the advertiser is phenomenal, since it will boost an issue's circulation by up to 30,000 or more.

(3) ATA Strategic Partnerships

ATA mails copies on request year round from New York head office. Over 1,000 copies were provided to delegates at SADC Heads of State Summit, August 2003; CCA- Africa Wildlife Fund Dinner in Washington, DC, October 2003 received copies for 300 high level guests. ATA partners include ASTA, ARTA, WTO, CCA, CTO, SADC, USTOA, RETOSA, IIPT, SATH and The International Ecotourism Society. One has agreed to distribute as many as 5,000 copies to their members in the USA.

(4) The Internet: ATA Website

Africa Travel Magazine supports its advertisers year round by including advertising banners and directory ads in the marketing package. Through a special online partnership with a search company, we are targeting their database of 10,000 Meeting Professionals, 90,000 travel agents and several million leisure travelers. The ATA website has a tremendous potential for circulation growth, with subscriptions coming from around the world. This powerful 1,300-page website has given the magazine and ATA a high profile.

(5) Africa at USA & World Events

We have distributed as many as 1,000 copies of Africa Travel Magazine at a single event, and seek every opportunity to meet and greet customers face to face. Our agenda includes : Adventures in Travel Expo, New York; Addison Travel Trade Marketplace, Canada; ASTA World Travel Congress, Miami; Corporate Council on Africa , Atlantic City; FAATIS- First Annual Sustainable Tourism Investment Summit, Uganda; Globe 2004 Business and Environment Show, Vancouver, Canada; IATOS Adventure Travel Expo, Chicago; Indaba 2004 Travel Show, Durban, South Africa; ITB Germany; Southern Africa Development Council (SADC) Heads of State Summit; Salon International de Voyages (SITV), Montreal; Toronto Travel Show, Canada; World Travel Market, London, UK.

(6) ATA Chapters in Africa & America

ATA's regional chapters are growing monthly, with three South African chapters launched in one year alone. In the USA, we're in most major cities, and new members now sign up via the Internet. ATA chapters sponsor tours to all parts of Africa and Africa Travel Magazines are available free for tour promotion, visiting delegations and dozens of local events.

(7) Convention & Visitors Bureaus

Many African cities have well established advertising and promotion programs.With the introduction of "Africa's Great Meeting Places"- our new color supplement we have opened the door to an important new segment of readers, the Meeting and convention planners , whom we will contact through a new database.

(8) Airlines Serving Africa

Many of our magazine editions are being read in flight, and we provide airlines the same opportunity as National Tourism Offices - copies at cost or less. This is an effective, efficient way to boost each issue's circulation by thousands of copies.

(9) Airports Serving Africa

Since 1996, we have enjoyed great success providing magazines to airports for passengers in business and first class lounges. We have supplied cartons of issues to the Airport Management, who in turn supervise distribution in their terminals. Airport newsstands are offered magazines on consignment under this new program.

(10) Educational Market & Libraries

Universities, colleges and travel training schools are another category we plan to focus on, with more and more institutions being involved in ATA projects. We will distribute copies of Africa Travel Magazine through university and public libraries.