Bermuda Conference: .(Photos 1..Photos 2.

1st Annual African Diaspora Heritage Trail Banquet at the Fairmont Southhampton Princess. Jake Henderson, Jane Thompson, Robert Eilets and Mira Berman.

ATA's vision of the Caribbean and Africa coming together finally realized. The Town Crier welcomes all delegates to Bermuda.

Gala Opening Ceremony, Hon. David H. Allen,JP.MP Minister of Tourism,Hon. Jennifer M. Smith,jp.HumpL, MP Premier, Mira Berman, Executive Director, African Travel Association

Special Bermuda African Diaspora Heritage Award Presented To Mira Berman, Executive Director, Africa Travel Association from the Hon. David H Allen JP.MP, Minister of Tourism.

Hon David H. Allen, Minister of Tourism, Winston Hugh Njongonkulu Ndungane, Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa.

Gala Opening Ceremony, Hon Jennifer M. Smith Premier, Mira Berman Executive Director, African Travel Association

Photos by Robert Eilets