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Africa Travel Magazine, now in its eighth year, is proud to profile the following organization, which is dedicated to advancing the awarness of travel and tourism to Africa from across Canada. We welcome TOPAC to this website.

TOPAC News Release 

South Africa: An Adventure for Every Taste

Toronto, ON: South Africa can provide an experience that is anything but ordinary. Whether the traveler is seeking thrill and adventure or a more relaxed itinerary, South Africa offers endless possibilities.

Recognized as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, South Africa is blessed with some of the most spectacular deserts, savannas, coastlines, mountains, grasslands, forests and tropical mangrove swamps.. South Africa is set for year-round adventure.

Separated into nine provinces, each region provides exciting activities in its own unique way. With nature reserves throughout the country, opportunity abounds for hiking, biking, horseback riding and of course safari experiences. For those wanting a more extreme experience there is abseiling, rock climbing and shark-cage diving.

Known for its animal viewing, South Africa offers a wide range of safari and animal viewing options such as: jeep, walking, hot-air balloon, horseback and elephant back safaris.

Whether looking for adventure in the wild, a trek through unique terrain, or a chance to sleep under Africa's stars, South Africa will satisfy your sense of adventure. The Country's magnificent landscape facilitates such a wide array of activities that every tourist is guaranteed to find a trip to suit their needs - any time of the year. 

Trek Holidays is a member of TOPAC (Tour Operators Promoting Africa in Canada) and specializes in adventure travel.  Trek Holidays offers a variety of trip itineraries for active travelers. Trek's 13-day Drakensberg Trails trip is a moderately-graded walking tour through tribal villages, spectacular mountains and impressive caves in Southern Africa from C$1,775 per person, land-only. For more information on the Drakensberg Trails itinerary or other active holidays, visit the adventure experts at

TOPAC brings together the leading Canadian tour operators and wholesalers for African travel. Formed in 2002, TOPAC members are dedicated to the growth and quality of travel to and within Africa from Canada.

Founding members of TOPAC include: Goway Travel, Trek Holidays, Obsession Tours, Reservations Africa, FAR&WIDE/ Lion World Tours, Travel Studio, Wild Africa Safaris and Tourcan Vacations. South African Airways is an associate member. For more information on TOPAC visit

For more information on South Africa visit South African Tourism at

Tour Operators Promoting Africa in Canada (TOPAC)

Background Information

Tour Operators Promoting Africa in Canada (TOPAC) brings together the leading Canadian tour operators and wholesalers for African travel. Formed in 2002, TOPAC members are dedicated to the growth and quality of travel to and within Africa from Canada by implementing joint marketing initiatives with African Tourist Boards and suppliers.

The organization endeavours to bring Africa to the forefront in the minds of Canadians seeking an alternative to main-stream destinations and to ensure that Africa's diversity, scenic beauty and cultural experiences are presented in a manner that allows Africa to compete with traditional holiday packages and exceed expectations.

While member firms maintain independent marketing initiatives with respect to their African programs, TOPAC creates a pool of financial resources and market expertise that will enable umbrella marketing programs for destinations within Africa which are seeking to increase their profile and visitor arrivals from the Canadian market.

Through a preferred airline agreement with South African Airways, TOPAC members are creating introductory packages beginning from $3299 including air, hotel and safari. These packages will be introduced at TOPAC's first-ever jointly sponsored travel trade shows in February. TOPAC, together with South African Airways, is striving to meet their ultimate objective by offering affordable packages that show many Canadians that Africa is within reach.

Founding TOPAC members include: Goway Travel, Trek Holidays, Obsession Tours, Reservations Africa, Lion World Tours/ Far & Wide, Travel Studio, Wild Africa Safaris and Tourcan Vacations.

In addition to increasing travel to and within Africa through joint marketing initiatives, TOPAC's objectives include:

Representing the interests of its members and fostering a closer working relationship among its members and between all travel industry representatives;

Providing forums for the development, marketing and sales of tourism products of African destinations; Retail travel industry education and training on Africa;

Assisting members in maximizing their efforts at selling travel to Africa.

Joint marketing agreements are already in place with the Botswana Tourism Board and South African Tourism and South African Airways, incorporating travel agent educational programs, advertising and public relations. TOPAC is continuing to work with additional African tourism organizations and airlines dominant on routes into Africa to establish partnerships and to create a strong base for African tourism in Canada

TOPAC has two membership categories: Tour Operator/ Wholesaler and Associate Member.