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. In Loving Memory of Eunice Rawlings

Here is a comment we received from an interview with Eunice, who has been a great friend and popular contributor to our ATA Magazine and Web Site.

"When I first joined ATA in 1980, I could not have imagined the rich and rewarding journey I would take as I was introduced to Africa through informative dinner seminars and annual congresses on the African continent. Aside from the networking opportunities that ATA offers, the added benefit has been meeting and making lifelong friends with the nicest people on earth both in USA and in Africa." Eunice Rawlings.

Dear colleagues and friends:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to be the bearer of bad news for all of us at ATA and friends of Africa…our beloved Eunice Rawlings passed away yesterday, June 28, 2001.

It is hard to believe that just a month ago she was with us in Cape Town…sharing her energy, constant good humor and wonderful spirit with all of us throughout the ATA Congress. Eunice will be sorely missed as a long time friend and colleague whose tireless efforts and creativity inspired so many wonderful programs, tours and promotions on behalf of Africa…and as the dynamic President of the SoCal ATA Chapter for many years and newly elected member of the Board of Directors.

Many of you will remember that Eunice also lived for several years in Senegal where she was a tour operator specializing in West Africa, and where she was fondly known by her Senegalese name, "Penda". When she returned to the US she expanded her tour programs to include a specialty in East Africa.   We will treasure her memory always.

Please share this sad news to others who knew Eunice and would want to know. We would like to share with you the address for condolences:

Eunice Rawlings, 5322 Colony Drive # 3
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Best regards,
Mira Berman
Executive Director
Africa Travel Association


About Eunice
Born in England, Eunice became addicted to Africa on her first visit to Kenya in 1979. Eleven years later, during a travel conference in Morocco, a future partner convinced her to spend almost three years in Senegal where she helped develop incoming tourism programs for the US market. She also coordinated the Africa Travel Association's first Eco-Tourism Conference which took place in Senegal in 1992.

She operated her own business, the Africa Tourism & Trade Bureau (ATTB). In the space of two decades Eunice studied Swahili, Amharic and Woloff and honed in on her French, a real plus in countries like Senegal. For example Ms. Rawlings often utilized French while escorting the Honorable Ndiawar Toure, Minister of Tourism from Senegal and an entourage from the ministry. During late August, Minister Toure conferred with business, government and media officials in the cities of Long Beach, Inglewood, North Hollywood and Los Angeles on launching new tourism and trade strategies. These talks included reviews of the "Africa Growth & Opportunity Act," (a.k.a. Trade & Development Act 2000) signed in May by President Bill Clinton. Long overdue, the law contains provisions that expand tourism with Africa, Caribbean nations and the United States. Senegal and other countries in Africa are presently reviewing the benefits of ventures with the U.S.


I am saddened to read about the death of Eunice, who in the few minutes I physically met her (at Addis Ababa airport in May 2000) struck me with her vibrant spirit, contagious energy and passion for life. Her life was and inspiration to those of us blessed to meet her. May she rest in peace.
Jonathan Wosu
ATA New York Chapter