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Africa Travel Magazine's Evolution from Event Editions to Yearbooks

Since launching Africa Travel Magazine after a successful career in print and broadcast media, audio visual production, advertising and public relations, my goal was to produce issues that would become keepers. Our role model was National Geographic, a pattern we have followed for the past 12 years. Each edition has been tied to a key event, such as the ATA World Congress, Eco Cultural Symposium and SADC Heads of State Summit. While this formula is highly successful, we felt a growing need for a post event wrap-up.

This gave birth to our Yearbook concept, where each edition has a life of its own, thanks to regular updates with post event analysis, photos, interviews and speaker profiles. Being add-on sections in the magazine's center fold, there's no extra charge to advertisers.

The heart of our circulation is direct contact with thousands of travel industry professionals and influential persons at major travel trade shows. In recent years this agenda has expanded to venues across North America, Africa, Europe and Asia, where our exhibit anchors the Africa Section. A recent example is THETRADESHOW in Las Vegas, sponsored by ASTA and 15 partner organizations.

Earlier in my career, as a media buyer and advertising agency president, I knew that many magazine editions had the staying power of a day or two. A quick read - and soon forgotten! My reasoning was, "If one puts his or her time, effort, heart and soul, into producing a specific edition, why not aim for the longest possible shelf life?" Why not produce a keeper? That's what a yearbook is - and this concept will be a winner. Like one of my early idols used to say, "If you've got it -- flaunt it."

For more information download our Media Kit - and e-maill africa@dowco.com for rates and packages.

By Jerry W. Bird,
Editor and Publisher, Africa Travel Magazine
President: Africa Travel Association, Canada