Paul Kisoni, Tanzania Travel Consultant

cave photosPhotos are from
Mr. Kisoni's
article on
Amboni Caves.

Born in 1970 in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Paul Kisoni is a professional Travel Consultant specializing in East Africa tours and safaris. Having visited almost every corner of the United Republic of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, Kisoni has developed a keen interest in Africa's Tourism industry.

His enjoyment of novels and magazines has ignited his interest in becoming a full-fledged travel writer. Having written several short stories on social affairs in local Swahili newspapers, Kisoni is determined to strive for the top, writing about destinations previously unknown or undiscovered.

Born and raised in a strictly family of administrators, he was led at an early age to keep written records of everything he was told and to measure its value. He never forgot the habit of carrying a pen and a notebook anywhere he travels. Being a college graduate in Travel and Tourism Management, Kisoni has not hesitated to advance towards his goal of a writing career. He has been inspired by many writers , such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wa Thionígo to name but a few. For this he has proved that the way is still too far but the world is not far from his feet!

Those interested in contacting Mr. Kisoni or visiting Tanzania's Amboni Caves, please contact the writer at e-mail: kisonipm@hotmail.com