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Our ATA Archives are filled with unique photos, quotations and excerpts that will be published in our special 30 Year Jubilee Edition now in production. As we look forward to welcoming old friends and meeting new ones, the 30th Anniversary will be the ideal time to remember those who have passed on. Among them are two dedicated stalwarts, namely ATA's Founder Murray Vidockler of New York (above) and Fred E. Fuller of Ohio (above left) and opposite (right) receiving a gift from the National Tourism Office of Benin.

While the Africa Travel Association has made giant strides in the fostering and support of Ecotourism in all its facets, many of our members may have forgotten the ATA's humble beginnings. Some of these earlier efforts resulted in our drafting , approving and implementing the following doctrine. The ATA Ecoturism Symposia, which began in 1992, has grown to become an annual affair, and its contents have broadened. We look forward to seeing you this coming December.

Our Member countries pledge:

TO ESTABLISH machinery for protection of the ecology, natural resources and wildlife.

TO ENHANCE quality of the tourist's visit by easing entry and exit formalities.
TO CREATE good infrastructure assuring easy access and to use trained personnel to highlight each country's unique appeal.
TO ESTABLISH rigid codes of quality for accommodation and services, making sure the local tourist economy does not overshadow the attraction.
TO WORK with transportation companies to make travel safe, comfortable and convenient.
The Travel Industry pledges:
TO PREPARE the visitor by providing detailed information on the culture, etiquette and mores of the host country.
TO PROVIDE clients with opportunities to participate in ecological and environmental programs.
TO ADHERE to a strict code of truth in advertising by accurately describing facilities and costs.
Visitors should be encouraged
TO RESPECT the land and water, not only to avoid damaging abusing or littering, but to contribute to the preservation and protection of these resources.
TO ENJOY the wildlife in its natural habitat and refrain from harassment of these magnificent creatures.
TO HONOR the sensitivities, customs and culture of the people they are visiting and observe local rules of etiquette and behavior.
TO SHARE and exchange cross-cultural ideas and to keep an open attitude to local values.

TO CONTINUE this habit of caring and concern upon returning home, by not supporting industries that harm ecosystems and the environment.

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Photo Credits: ATA New York, Archives