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A great concept for all African cities


Review- ATA Ecotourism Symposium, Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa

Agriculture and Environment
Hon. Alabo Graham- Douglas, Nigeria's Minister of Culture and Tourism (Continued from page 1) As the Minister stated,"Although revenue from oil and gas exploration accounts for 80 percent of the total national income, the country has remained basically an agricultural economy. Agriculture is the largest employer of labor. In this area, new planks in the program include a National Forestry Action Plan, National Conservation Strategy, National Resources Conservation Action Plan, National Water resources Master Plan and the Green Agenda of Vision 2010 (National Agenda 21).

ATA 4th Ecotourism Symposium
Executive and Events
The Federal Republic of Nigeria recently hosted the Africa Travel Association's Fourth Ecotourism Symposium, Dec. 3-8, 2000 in Abuja, Nigeria's new Capital. This first ever official ATA meeting to be held in Nigeria was announced by Honorable Alabo Graham- Douglas, Nigeria's new Minister of Culture and Tourism, The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation in Abuja, ATA'S Executive Director, Mira Berman, and the ATA Nigeria Chapter President Mrs. A.O. Bode-Thomas.

Hon. Michael Afedi Gizo, M.P., Minister for Tourism, Ghana, and President of the Africa Travel Association, and Nigeria's Minister of Culture and Tourism, presided. Josephine C. Macaulay, Travel Consultant, chaired the Symposium.

Host Country Day took place in Jos, a city fascinating for its rich culture and traditions, only a day's excursion from Abuja. The Jos Plateau and the surrounding areas feature some of the most arresting natural attractions in Nigeria including mountains as high as 1,829 meters above sea level; the Jos Wildlife Park, a reserve for over 65 species of mammals and varied kinds of bird and reptiles. The Jos Museum and Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture, highlighting the country's greatest monument replicas such as the Kano Walls, the Kasina Palace, the Palace of Oba of Berin; The Riyom Rock Formation, one of the largest collections of nature's sculptures anywhere in the world; and Assop Falls.

The Africa Travel Association (ATA) is an international nonprofit, nonpolitical, travel industry association established in 1975 to promote tourism to the continent of Africa. ATA is a member of American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA); World Tourism Organization (WTO); and a industry partner in the "Green Globe" program. For more information about ATA membership and Ecotourism Symposium Registration please contact : Debrah Nairn, ATA Headquarters, 347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 610, New York, NY 10016, Tel: (212) 4347-1926; Fax (212) 725-8253, E-MAIL ;, Website:

Papers Presented at the Ecotourism Symposium were:
"Preservation of Land, Culture and Wildlife."
Keynote address by Hon. Alabo Graham-Douglas, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nigeria'
"Conservation Master Plan as a Tool for the Restoration of Major Historical Sites in Nigeria."
Dr. Joe Eboreime, National Coordinator, UNESCO World Heritage Program, Chairman ICOMOS Nigeria
"Linking Tourism Profitability to Environmental Responsibility,"
Jeffrey Balkind, Urban Project Team Leader, World Bank, Washington, DC
"Ecotourism Potential of Forests Outside National Parks."
K. Adeyoju , Emeritus Professor, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
"National Parks and their Benefits to Local Communities in Nigeria."
Lawan B. Marguba, FFAN Conservator-General"
"A Case Study of Nigerian Ecotourism."
H.E. Mrs Onari Duke, Wife of Cross River State Governor, Nigeria
"Sustainable Travel and Tourism Development for Nigeria,"
Olatunde Obasola, Tourism Plus, Ibadan and D. Okali, NEST, Ibadan

(other details to come)