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The Ras Hotel: A legendary part of the charm and fabric of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Did you know that Nelson Mandela slept here? That's right - as a fugitive from apartheid, South Africa's former leader spent time in Addis Ababa, where he received advice and assistance from Emperor Hailie Sellassie of Ethiopia. That much needed help contributed to his later success. Wartime hero Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia was also a guest at the Ras Hotel during this critical period. Keeping with the tradition of famous names and places, the Ras Hotel is located on Churchill Road, just ten minutes from newly upgraded Bole International Airport - and within walking distance of the railway station, with connections to Dire Dawa and the port of Djibouti.

You will love the Ras location - from its streetside bistro (left) visitors can take in the activities of a thriving city, with shops and services nearby. Below is a list of activities and attractions that are conveniently close to the "Ras."

Famous for its traditional Ethiopian cuisine, plus other popular menu items, the hotel facilities include over 90 guest rooms, with hot bath and shower, television and DSTV, telephone, fax and e-mail services. There's a choice of restaurants, shops, a cozy bar, conference and meeting areas, For your further convenience there's ample parking. Contact us for Ras Hotels in Addis Ababa and countrywide. PO Box 1632, Addis Ababa, tel. 251 11 551 7060, fax 251 1155 1734. Website: www.ras-hotels.com . e-mail: rashotels@ethionet.et

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Addis Ababa attractions Convenient to the historic Ras Hotel
Like fine wines and classical music, some things keep getting better with age. The Ras Hotel in Addis Ababa is one of them. Talk about convenience, it is walking distance from both the National and Ambassador Theatres.

Other places of interest around Addis Ababa
Entoto Museum • Ethnographic Museum • The National Museum • The Zoological Natural History Museum • Beta Museum • Addis Ababa Museum • Ethiopian Postal Museum • St. George Cathedral Museum • Merkato- the biggest open air market in Africa • Art Galleries, Exhibitions, Festivals, Night Clubs

Ras Hotels Enterprise has eight branch hotels hotels, with two located in Addis Ababa, the capital city. Other Ras Hotels are located in the eastern and southeastern area of Ethiopia.

• Addis Ababa Ras- tel. 011 551 7060, Fax 011 551 7327 . rashotels@ethionet.et

• Adama Ras - tel. 022 111 2188 . adamaras@ras-hotels.com

• Assela Ras - tel. 022 331 1089 . rasenterprise@ras-hotels.com

• Kereyou Lodge Ras - tel. 011 551 7060 . rasenterprise@ras-hotels.com

• Diredawa Ras No. 1 - tel. 025 111 3255 . diredawaras@ras-hotels.com

• Diredawa Ras No. 2 - tel. 025 111 2880 . rasenterprise@ras-hotels.com

• Harrar Ras - tel. 025 666 0027 . hararras@ras-hotels.com