Salt comes from the north,
Gold comes from the south,
Money comes from the country of white people,
But the words of God, Knowledge,
Stories and nice folk tales,
Can only be found in Tombouctou


There's a Tuareg proverb which says that: "It is better to see oneself than to be informed by a third person." On these words we will invite you to mention Tombouctou on the first page of your twenty first century agenda. Located near the river Niger and at the terminus of the great trans-Saharan caravan route, Tombouctou became fabulously wealthy in the 13th to 15 centuries. Loaded with blocks of salt and other trade goods, huge convoys of camels would spend weeks crossing the unforgiving Sahara to reach Tombouctou. It was here that salt was traded pound for pound with African merchants bringing gold and ivory along the Niger from the heart of Africa.

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