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Footloose in Kitsilano
by Jerry W. Bird

The other day we were talking about how many different locations in Vancouver we have lived in over the years, and it made me realize that one of the most livable, laid back and likable areas was at Kitsilano Point, where the dining room at the Vancouver Museum our meeting place - and my second office - for several years. We still go there quite often for events at the Planetarium in the same complex (the star shows with music and sound are spectacular ) and for various museum presentations by the Council of Tourism Associations, the Truck Loggers Association, and others. One of the most fascinating events last year was a major display on First Nations basket making, truly an educational experience. This is a great place for outdoor activities in the summer months, when things are going full tilt on the sands and grassy areas of Kitsilano Beach. Our whole family and connected families used to go there by street car with loaded picnic baskets all the way from Grandview, and stay until dusk. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is another wonderful attraction nearby, and that fine facility is capably managed by the popular and well known author, adventurer and international marine expert James Delgado, whom we had the honor of having as our Chairman for the Air and Marine Tourism Conference at Simon Fraser University in 1998. His pride and joy was and still is the famous RCMP Icebreaker, which plied the Northwest Passage and sailed into the history books in those colorful past decades. We had the opportunity of meeting Jacques Cousteau at the Vancouver Marine Museum during Expo '86. I have much more to tell, but for now, here are some items we have gleaned about the area with times and places to guide you.

Events and Exhibitions at Vancouver Museum include "Through the Eye of a Needle. Stories from an Indian Desert." Ongoing until September, 2003. In the Kutch Desert on India's western border with Pakistan, women record the history of their desert lives in the language of the stitch. This embroidery tells of their past, their journey to the present, and the possibility of a future rich with heritage and cultural memory.

Examine this collection of stories, extraordinary embroideries, photos and video from the diverse tribal population that inhabits Kutch.

Full Circle: First Contact

Vikings and Skraelings in Newfoundland and Labrador
Ongoing until February 2003

Once considered to be legend, Viking contact with the Aboriginal peoples (Skraelings) of North America is proven through the evidence uncovered at l'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. FULL CIRCLE: First Contact chronicles humankind's exodus from Africa and into the New World. Some would turn left and some would turn right, but they would meet one hundred thousand years later on the east coast of Canada. With more than 250 artifacts, photos, scale models, artist's impressions and maps, FULL CIRCLE: First Contact shakes our previous understanding of our past.

Yuquot: The Centre of Our World
Ongoing until October 29, 2002. Discover the rich history of the Mowachaht &endash; Muchalaht First Nations people, told in their own voice.

Portrait V2K. The City of Vancouver Millennium Story & Photograph Collection. Ongoing. Highlighting some of the city's most compelling memories and anecdotes, this exhibit features Vancouver images that are both affectionate and evocative.

Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9, Canada t. 604.736.4431 f. 604.736.5417

 Vancouver Maritime Museum