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Muguette Goufrani: Portrait of a Globetrotter

Award in Africa: Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Muguette is Africa Travel Magazine's Associate Editor and a member of Vancouver Canada's Francophone Community. She prompted the decision to make our two travel magazines bilingual, extending their worldwide reach and influence Aside from our own publications and web sites, Muguette has been featured on African television, radio and print media, both English and French. Her first assignment was the 1996 ATA Ecotourism Symposium in Marrakech, Morocco. This was followed by a National Geographic - American Airlines sponsored project in Haiti, plus ATA Congresses in Benin, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Guinea, Zambia, Morocco, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti and Egypt (several locations more than once).. Travel Agents wishing to join her are invited to e-mail

Muguette's background as an airline agent, tour guide and travel agent has been the key to her media success, resulting in an ATA Travel Industry Founders Award in Cape Town, South Africa. As a "career globetrotter," Muguette's articles for Africa Travel Magazine have an authentic, multicultural flavor, thanks to painstaking research and the confidence of having lived the experience (walked the walk). Her career positions have included Royal Air Maroc, Cica Citroen Automobiles, UTA Airlines, Air Afrique, Matson Lines, Palm Springs Resorts, Club Med, Tahiti Tours, Messageries Maritimes (Shipping) and Noumea Tours. Upon graduating from College du Paris, she launched her career in Casablanca, Morocco, where the Goufrani family has operated a tour company for generations.

Quick Now? Why is Africa Magazine always at the top of the list when readers do a search for Africa Fashion or Africa Travel Fashion on North America's leading search engines? Much has to do with the magazine's Associate Editor, Muguette Goufrani, her determination, imagination, perseverance and sparkling personality. Thanks to her effort, we're #1 for Africa Fashions on Google, MSN and Yahoo. Click on above page for larger image;

African Fashions and Designers Win World Acclaim
By Muguette Goufrani

Did you know our website is #1 on Google and Yahoo for Africa Travel Fashion? That's why we are devoting a special World Edition of Africa Travel Magazine to this timely topic. Africans are painting the world in a kaleidoscope of bold, vibrant color combinations and dazzling patterns. The rich fabrics and virtually unlimited selection of turbans and other festive headgear, bright scarves, colorful wraps, wearable art and elegant gowns that brightened our days and lit up our evenings in Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire Uganda, Benin, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Guinea and other African destinations, were simply outstanding. What's more, so were the creators. During the past decade as publishers, we've had the privilege of meeting several of the brightest stars in Africa's fashion galaxy, and thanks to the magic of serendipity, more will surely appear in the near future. As I've learned, in many African societies, the choice of colors and textiles has special significance to the wearer. For example, hats often tell stories of everyday life, with its struggles, spiced by uplifting periods of joie de vivre.

While I have lived and worked in various North and West African countries as an airline and travel agent, my media involvement has brought the importance of African fashion into sharp focus. How did this love affair start? Perhaps it was at the first Africa Travel Association Fashion Show, organized by Chief Margaret Fabiyi of Lagos, Nigeria. The 'Chief' has supplied many of my favorite wardrobe items ever since. Here are some brief comments about her and others in this fascinating field.

We're #1 for Africa Fashions on Google and Webtrends
Dubai: World's Leading Air Hostess Training Institute

  Nigeria's Chief of Fashion: At Mrs. Fabiyi's fashion affair in Arusha, Tanzania, we decided on the spot that fashion would play a leading role in our magazine. The exciting thing about this particular show, was the fact that our own delegates from the USA and Africa participated as models. That simple but effective format set the pattern for future ATA fashion shows at congresses and symposia in Ethiopia, South Africa, Cameroon, Guinea, Morocco, Zambia and Zanzibar
We met Chief Margaret Fabiyi at a conference in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa in 1997. One year later, in Arusha, Tanzania, we were treated to the first of a series of fashion shows this talented lady has organized for Africa Travel Association conferences. While enjoying luncheon at Arusha's Impala Hotel, it was suddenly announced that a fashion show was about to take place. To everyone's surprise, the models turned out to be our own delegates - and the variety of fashions for men and women, large and petit, young and not so young - was superb. Chief Margaret has staged encore presentations at ATA venues in Ethiopia and Cape Town, South Africa She resides in Lagos, and her company, Webisco, combines fashions and textiles with cultural tours, including her annual Black History Month series. More

Fashions from the Spice Island: Zanzibar is an exotic East African paradise of balmy beaches, fragrant spices, Swahili lifestyle and rich cultural treasures. It was here during the ATA's Seventh Cultural and Ecotourism Symposium, hosted by Zanzibar Tourism, that Editor Jerry Bird and I had the good fortune to meet and get to know Farouque Abdela. Each of the many fashion items on display at the Zanzibar Beach Resort Hotel that day was an individual work of art, featured side by side with his partner's latest creations on canvas. An international fashion designer, Abdela has worked with Iman, Donna Karan, Christian Lacroix and other names in the world of fashion.

Alphadi brings African Fashion to Europe: While returning to Paris after an exciting month of business, conferences and touring in Cameroon, we spent some quality time with Seidnaly Alphadi, whose African- inspired creations have taken Europe by storm. It seemed like half of the Cameroon Airlines plane was filled with models from a Fashion Show our friend had just staged in that Central African country. We continued our fascinating interview at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Born in Niger, Alphadi's credentials include: Founder - Festival International de la Mode Africaine and President - Federation of African Creators. His global recognition includes the Chevalier de l'Ordre de Mérite de la France, Kora Fashion Award - South Africa, and Meilleur Styliste Africain - Fédération Française de la Couture et du Prêt à Porter.

Vanessa Ngango of Uganda, (right) a close friend is wearing a Kinyadwanda attire. Vanessa has launched an important cause for environmental cleanup and mobilized the ladies of her native country. It is Genesis Initiative. Also worth visiting is Afromix, the Portal of African and Caribbean Cultures. News, music, arts and culture, society, travel, events.