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Apples for Africa Campaign

"Give a man a fish and you feed his family for a day.
Teach him to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime."

AFRICA TRAVEL MAGAZINE and its media partner AIR HIGHWAYS MAGAZINE are drumming up worldwide support our "Apples for Africa" program. This initiative will provide Apple Macintosh computers, software, books, supplies and training in the areas we know best - desktop publishing, the internet and audio visual presentation ( We've won International Awards for Creative Excellence in several categories). This new, all inclusive program will involve supply and instruction in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign Filemaker and others. We are excited about the response we've been receiving, the most recent from sources in Uganda.

A key phase of the training will focus on the Internet, Web pages and Digital Communications. Following visits to many areas of the continent, Editor and Webmaster Jerry W. Bird launched the program with the following comments: "Africa's greatest untapped resource is its vast numbers of highly creative educated and dedicated people I've met. These potential dynamos need to reach and partner with North Americans in order to exchange ideas, build relationships and share in rewards of the digital age. The Internet is the ideal tool to bridge this gap and the computer is the gateway."

Mr. Bird gave a personal perspective. "As a former advertising agency owner and Network president in Canada, my career has covered every facet of the media world. The biggest change occurred in the late 80s when I first laid my hands on a Macintosh Computer. My career shifted into overdrive. Within 10 days, I was producing a regular tabloid newspaper totally in house, created on the Mac, with no hassle, delay or outside involvement. Within a few weeks I was into projects on behalf of Holiday Inns, Best Western, Avis and others - leading to a key position with a national travel trade publication.

Later I dove enthusiastically into creating my first novel thanks to these newly acquired skills. That's the magic of the Mac ... I have been completely self-taught. How I would have welcomed a mentor, such as we now offer our African friends. I will never cease to be amazed at the ease and speed and ease by which one can learn new programs and techniques on the Mac. Now, thanks to 'Apples for Africa' we can give a helping hand to thousands, by providing the tools and passing on the skills. In my world, one can't ask for a greater reward."

To get involved, please e-mail africa@dowco.com or faxc 1-604 681 6595 today!