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To: Judith Hall-Bean
Director of Tourism
Bermuda Dept. of Tourism

For Hon. David Allen, MP, whose energies were unlimited, whose horizons were boundless, it is difficult to accept that his cyclonic force is forever stilled. Rarely had we ever met a figure in the world of tourism, whose very dreams were converted into the vibrant reality of augmenting the frontiers of tourism in his own Bermuda, and the Caribbean and the regions of a wider world.

A high point in our relationship with David was reached in Cape Town, South Africa a year ago, in May 2001, when we forged an alliance through his initiative, linking Bermuda with the Bermuda with the continent of Africa. And indeed the First African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference was held in Southampton, with governmental and private sector level from many countries in Africa and the Caribbean, from North America and Europe.

Throughout his lifetime, he labored relentlessly yet enthusiastically to remove the barriers between peoples and the borders between countries. His goals were global and he utilized his dynamism to travel constantly, infecting everyone he met from far and near with his zest for living a good and meaningful life through travel.

Larger than life himself, he now leaves a void hat can only be filled by those he left behind with determination to follow steadfastly in his footsteps in expanding ever greater horizons of fulfillment for travelers yet to come. We owe him no less.

The Africa Travel Association
Mira Berman, Executive Director