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History of Guinea and West Africa

Allow time for photo animations to load.Guinea shaped the history of West Africa and preserved the authenticity of cultures that are common to many countries of the Region. Placed at the cross-roads of Middle Age African civilizations, Guinea witnessed the rise and dawn of many great West African Empires. Always jealous and protective of its freedom, the people of Guinea were the last to abide by colonial ruling and the first to regain independence on 2 October 1958. When the founder of modern Guinea declared that " We prefer freedom in poverty than wealth in slavery", Africans all over the continent deeply shared these words of dignity and hope.

Guinea is geological scandal! This statement has been heard all over the world and reflect the country's unique wealth in natural resources including water supply to the entire region given that most large rivers are sourced in Moyenne Guinée.

Furthermore, Guinea offers an immense untapped touristic potential as described by C. Ceriser in 1890 when he compared Guinea to "The promised land of Africa". This vision was confirmed by French explorer the Comte of Sanderval who resumed the country as "…a country of rivers…I was taken by your brilliant; tranquil clouds, ribbons that cut across cotton, your immense green space, so powerful and not hostile. I climbed your welcoming mountains and looked at your grand rivers populated with alligators, I penetrated your smothering forests…where sacred dancing finds its frenzy, elsewhere still, I encountered your handsome, robed men, overseeing their herds. And above all, I saw lightning and the thunder and the grey curtain of rain tumble."

As a miniature West Africa, Guinea spans from the coasts sprinkled with splendid beaches to the luxurious forest region. The country offers rich and diverse folklore ranging from Upper Guinea where the Djoliba (Niger river) swings around game-filled savana and fifteen century fortresses to the magnificent mountainous sight-seeing of the Futa Djalon with its European-like micro-climates.

Discovering this extremely varied and exceptional heritage of Guinea imprints a lasting memory in the minds of visitors when experiencing puzzling moments in company with World' Heritage such as the Sossobala (sacred 10th Century balafon of Medieval Guinea) or the warm-blooded frogs unique to Mount Nimba (the highest summit of West Africa).

For the visitor, Guinea appears as rich in colours, generous in emotions and versatile in attractions. It is one of the best country to discover the magic of drums and percussions and to enjoy the warmth and sincere hospitality of the people of Guinea.

Due to historic reasons, Guinea was not known to the vast majority of foreign people until recently. But we are confident that because this form of chosen isolation allowed the country to preserve its heritage and protect the environment, this choice is becoming today an asset to ensure the fullest satisfaction and pleasure to those in search of authentic eco-cultural tourism.

In conclusion, the above description clearly demonstrates that nature, culture and hospitality would better serve Guinea if appropriate method and proper use of existent talents were put into place.

The approach for reaching the objective whereby tourism contributes to the economic and social development requires a vision that encompasses the type of investments needed but also surpasses commonalities to shape a policy for tourism that secures the adhesion of the people of Guinea.

For this purpose, a National Policy of Tourism has already been defined and successfully elaborated a Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development of Tourism (SPSDT) with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program and the World Organization of Tourism.

The country is on the right track and the convening of the African Travel Association 2002 Congress in Guinea will be an unique opportunity to come and discover our beloved country.

We await your coming to have you enjoy the sincerity of our hospitality, the uniqueness of our culture and the beauty of nature.

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