Swahili Fashion Week

Swahili Fashion Week is the largest fashion platform in Eastern and central Africa which is now geared towards being the most sought out after PREFFERED fashion platform in Africa for the international market.

Swahili Fashion Week in Nairobi, October 2012

Fans of East Africa and admirers of Swahili culture, art and craft can look forward to the annual Swahili Fashion Week kicking off  in Nairobi / Kenya, where the first of several ‘roadshows’ will unfold, presenting designers and their creations.
15 selected East African designers will showcase their work, presented by 24 models selected for the event. As mentioned previously here, the Swahili Fashion Week is now in its 5th year and the closing event, after ‘touring’ East Africa,i.e. visiting Arusha and Zanzibar – the ‘heartland of Swahili culture’, will be held in Dar es Salaam between December 06th – 08th. There, at the Grand Finale 2012 some 60 designers from across Eastern Africa will show the world what extraordinary talent exists in our part of the world and that the fashion inspired by the culture of ‘Swahili’, which is much more than just the common language in the region, can measure up to anyone’s standards in the fashion industry around the world.
Write to the organizers via info to get one of the few remaining VIP catwalk tickets for Nairobi or visit their website at www.swahilifashionweek.com for a full background on the event and the upcoming showcases elsewhere in Eastern Africa. SFW is of course also on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/swahilifashionweek and on Twitter @SwahiliFashion
The Swahili Fashion Week is the brainchild of renowned Tanzanian fashion guru Mustafa Hassanali, who held his first show in 2008. The Swahili Fashion Week has since grown from strength to strength and is today a key regional event on the social calendars of not just fashion lovers but for the entire culture, art and craft scene of Eastern Africa and beyond. Watch this space.


Africa Fashions in Nairobi, Kenya

Fashion shows at ATA 30th World Congress

Photos by Gilbeert Otiendo


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