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The Steamer Keno, (above) was the last of the famous Paddlewheelers on the Yukon River system. Our editor/publisher Jerry W. Bird was a crew member on the Keno for two summers. He was also a longshoreman for the British Yukon Navigation Company fleet, working alongside mostly native crews at Mayo Landing and Dawson City. The historic river fleet sailed between Nome, Alaska, in the far north to Dawson City, and from there to the railhead at Whitehorse (1890s to the 1950s). See Klondike.

Like Mark Twain of an earlier era, Mr. Bird believes in the romance of the river. As ATA Canada Chapter President he sees huge possibilities for river and lake cruises in Africa. For high adventure on Africa's rivers, see Maurizio Melloni at Wonz-Dar Expeditions in Addis Ababa. If you are interested in either facet of travel, please send us an e-mail or fax.

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