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South African Airways Daily Service from New York
to Johannesburg via Dakar, Senegal

South African Airways operates weekly service from JFK to Dakar to provide the only and much needed nonstop service between North America and Senegal, West Africa.

An environment where air travel feels more like a stay at a five-star hotel than a fifteen hour flight.

An environment where people can experience the finest South African hospitality, comfortably and effortlessly.

An environment where the most important investment is always in the comfort of our passengers.

The Millennium Product
The Millennium product and South African Airways' commitment to First, Business and Economy Class air travel from North America.
In an ongoing quest to ensure a World Class travel experience, South African Airways has significantly upgraded all aspects of all three classes.

In additional to significantly improved seat comfort the Millennium product adds an 'advanced technology' dimension to the award-winning service that distinguishes our airline. While many carriers are cost cutting and scaling back, South African Airways is generously investing in passenger comfort.

Economy Class: Beginning in Economy Class, South African Airways has enlarged the wide variety of dining choices - all accompanied by an exceptional selection of South African wines. As in all three classes, Economy Class also boasts enhanced seat recline, as well as the dynamic new Rockwell Collins P@ssport™ audio-and-video-on-demand system.

Entertainment: Available in every seat on the aircraft, the P@ssport system is a dramatic new product that revolutionizes in-flight entertainment. Not only does it offer customers video and audio on demand, it also puts them in control by letting them play, pause, rewind and fast-forward the films of their choice without affecting other customers' viewing. Customers can also create customized audio soundtracks for their listening pleasure, as well as enjoy a variety of video games.

Business Class:Seat recline has increased by nearly 50%.

Seat pitch has been increased to a minimum of 55 inches.

Seats now have a shoulder width of 27.5 inches and a width of 21 inches.

Headrests can be fully adjusted to six different positions.

In addition, we've introduced an innovative pneumatic lumbar support system, which moulds to a passenger's body shape to maximize and personalize their comfort level. Business Class also includes upgraded reading lights, 8.6 inch private TVs and in-seat power supply for laptops.

Business Class passengers dine on fine china, with a wide choice of delicious meal options accompanied by the very best South African wines.

In short, our new Business Class has everything to make light work of executive travel.

First Class: First Class passengers now enjoy:180-degree, 29-inch wide lie-flat beds, one of the widest in the industry with full-sized linen-covered duvets, cotton sleeper suits and bed turndown service available at passengers' request.

Seats feature a pitch of 83 inches, private TVs with 8.6-inch screens and power supply for laptops at every seat. Each seat also features individual reading lights with three different settings.

Both single and double suites are available in the cabin, as well as electronically controlled-ottomans in each suite for dual dining.

Dining, of course, features a superb selection of a la carte meal options, including a wheeling salad bar buffet served on fine china, all complemented perfectly by wines from our peerless "Cellar in the Sky".

An Invitation: We could have just brought you a seat or two.

We couldn't get a 747-400 through the Mid Town tunnel.

So we decided to let you try The Millennium Product and South Africa for yourselves.

We invite you to come and enjoy World Class international air travel and a truly stunning destination.

It's the goal of every global carrier to make time fly for its passengers. With these improvements, South African Airways continues to aim higher. I, or my colleagues here this evening can answer many of your questions, or you can answer them for yourselves.

Please be our guests.

African Airlines Information

Flying to Africa via Europe?
Hotel reservations service in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Check this comprenensive Web Site:

Ethiopia's Airports take off: African Airport authorities are seizing the moment: In a cross- country journey via Ethiopian Airlines on the famous Holy Route, where the Queen of Sheba once trod, we saw how airports large and small, are being expanded and upgraded to form a network of air bridges for future tourism. With Ethiopian Airlines flying to more African cities than any other carrier, Addis Ababa has become the political hub, Africa's meeting place, with over 95 embassies, new luxury hotels, and a world class UN Conference Center. It's stadium-sized Bole International Airport terminal, which opens next May, is one of 12 gateways slated for expansion.

Tanzania's Air Highways: Landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport, my first words were, "If there was ever a gateway ripe for expansion, this is it. " I was right on the money, for six months later came news of a major land development at Kilimanjaro by Mott Macdonald of the UK, whose record includes the 'Chunnel', London's Heathrow Express rail link, Hong Kong's Air Terminal and Tsing Ma Bridge. Over 50 airports worldwide are company clients, with South Africa's Durban and Cape Town airports its first African ventures.

Flying Regional Airlines, with pilot Iris McCallum, we saw the potential of 'air safari packages' to Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and beyond. Kilimanjaro is Tanzania's ideal gateway for eco-adventure and cultural travel to Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and other East African destinations. West Africa: Of the West African airports we visited recently, from Dakar, Bamako and Cotonou, to Accra and Abidjan, each was in some stage of preparation for the new air age.

We hope this decade will herald the dawn of seamless, people-friendly airport operations, with less red tape, plus faster visa and baggage handling. Two concepts I gained from our participation in four world class Eco Conferences, are that airports should become "agoras" (people places) and "garden spots" (green spaces). Perhaps it's time for the greening of Africa's airports.

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