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Some of the writers on this page have produced a variety of artilces for our magazine and website. We will rotate their other stories at regular intervals, so please return.


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- Africa Travel Magazine is proud to feature the contributors whose names appear on this page, along with a sample article.

Jerry W. Bird . Ethiopian Airlines: Winning Friends
Karen Hoffman .
Namibia's Kalahari Bushmen
Muguette Goufrani .
Africa's Switzerland
Robert Eilets .
Photo Galleries
Ogo Sow .
Mister Africa Interviews (2O min.)

Rick Antonson . Habeeb Salloum. Ali Liaquat. Karen HoffmanDesmond TutuDavid Fick . Ogo Sow .. Mira Berman . Denis Dionne .

ATA Member Contributors
Edward J. Bergman . Radio Broadcast (2O min.)
Mira Berman .
Africa Opens its Doors.
Louis D'Amore.
Peace Through Tourism
Beryl Dorsett .
Discover the Slave Route
David Sanders.
Africa Tourism
Helen Broadus .
Nigeria: A Destination full of Promise
Denis Dionne .
Solid African Presence In Montréal
Abigail Lubliner .
Africa's Emerald
Mariama Ludovic de Lys .
Timbuktu: City of Mystery
Cam McLeay . Mountains of the Moon
Dr. Wolfgang Thome .
Uganda: Gifted by Nature
Mrs. Esther Thome .
Uganda: Gifted by Nature
Hon. Zakia Meghji - Aviation in East Africa


David Cogswell . Good Vibes
Jane Daufenbach .
Lake Victoria Eco Sweep
Maurizio Melloni -
Rivers of Africa
Paul Kissoni .
Caving in Tanzania
Habeeb Salloum.
Wonders of Egypt
Harold Gordon .
Your Defining Moment".
Hasifa Rahman .
Africa, Living, Loving and Learning .

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