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Dining in Cape Town and Area

With the current exchange rate of eight Rand to 1$ US you will want to sample the many varieties of ethnic cuisine available in Cape Town and area. After all, its the pioneer city of the Rainbow Nation, whose restaurant menus feature the best from every culture. The photo on the left featuring streetside dining at the Cafe Del Mar is courtesy of Cape Town Tourism. Here's part of what the folks at Cape Tourism have to say about the pleasures of dining in their great cosmopolitan city.

Winchester Mansions offers rare, handcrafted wines

Winchester Mansions - Sea Point's leading beachfront boutique hotel - has enhanced its impressive winelist with a selection of rare, handcrafted cult wines created with passion in the most special of boutique wineries, basements and garages ö sheer luxury for the discerning wine connoisseur.

The select garagiste winelist offers exceptional wines made by part-time wine enthusiasts in the tiniest of 'cellars'â equipped with the barest of essentials. To be given the unique status of a garagiste the winemakerâs wine has to be certified by SAWIS and the total production may not exceed 40 barrels or 9 000 litres.

Winchester Mansions offers wine lovers a choice of splendid garagiste wines such as Anthony Smook Chardonnay 2003, Migliarina Shiraz 2002 and Barefoot Wine Company Pinot Noir 2000.

The lightly wooded Chardonnay is the work of Anthony Smook who supplies the wine industry with cooling equipment during the day and turns into winemaker par excellence after-hours. The Migliarina Shiraz, made by Carsten Migliarina who turned from sommelier at Grande Roche to full time winemaker, is an intense wine with fruity aromas and a complex mix of peppers on the palate. The Barefoot Wine Company Pinot Noir is a rich, full-bodied wine with hedonistic aromatics of black cherries, olives, cloves and ripe plums. This powerful wine is made by Cathy Marshall who kick-started the garagiste movement in 1996. "We added the garagiste selection to our winelist to further our aim of giving guests at Winchester Mansions a complete boutique experience - the chosen wines have just as much character as our lovely hotel," says Food & Beverage Manager, Angelo Casu.




wine and wine country fotomation, Cape Country, South AfricaFancy the freshest sashimi savoured at a traditional Japanese sushi bar - on a hot summer night in the middle of Cape Town's buzzing city centre? A sizzling Thai dinner steeped in fragrant lemongrass and coconut, not far beneath an illuminated Table Mountain?

If your palate's desire inclines more to the West, take heart that Cape Town is a truly cosmopolitan city, embracing the corners of the earth not only in its diversity of cultures, but also in its cuisine. Whether your preferences span the Continent, the Mediterannean, the East or the Americas - not to forget, of course, the hearty flavours of South Africa - satisfaction is at hand. Located at the meeting point of two oceans, remember, too, that Cape Town is particularly renowned for its seafood fare, from crayfish to oysters and abalone.

Or an enticing Cape Malay feast after a day's roving the winelands, at a restaurant on one of the region's acclaimed wine estates. What you'll taste is the sublime fusion of exotic spices and flavours stemming from the Cape's legacy as a key stop along the famous spice route in the 17th Century.

One thing you can be certain of is that, here, there is a restaurant to satisfy your every craving, every whim - and not least of all to accommodate the high- and low-points of your budget. In Cape Town it is possible to eat and drink exceptionally well for R150 a head. While most local restaurants pride themselves on carefully chosen, comprehensive winelists, one can often take along a bottle of one's own wine for a small corkage fee. In South Africa, tips are not generally included in the cost of a meal, but 10% of the bill is considered the going rate.

Whichever culinary experience you choose, getting there will never be a problem. Many of the city's restaurants are in close proximity, even within walking distance - such as at the Waterfront - and all are easily accessible by public transport.Visit www.eating-out.co.za for an exclusive guide on eating out

Cape Town Tourism: http://www.cape-town.org

Visas and Passports: Most passport holders need visas to get into South Africa. Check with your local travel agent to determine if you need one. Upon arrival, you must be able to prove that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay. You must also have a valid return ticket. VISA INQUIRIES CAN BE DIRECTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HOME AFFAIRS: +27 12 314 8911


Photos at top of page courtesy of Sellwyn Davidowitz, Tour Operator, I Love Capetown