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Best of Africa is a three-hour drive from Abidjan. The privately owned and managed hotel restaurant is a fantastic remote hideaway. Best of Africa provides a complete escape from day to day city life and radiates a charmingly elegant atmosphere in a unique natural setting. It is surrounded by 6 hectares of flowery, lush tropical grounds, a private white-sand beach lined with coconut trees, a magnificent lagoon, and a rain forest.

Best of Africa is comprised of 12 one-room detached thatched roof wooden cabins spread over the 6-hectare flowery landscaped grounds. Two large detached bungalows can accommodate up to 7 and 10 people. All bungalows have fully equipped en-suite bathrooms (hot and cold water) and a private terrace with a commanding view on the flowery garden and the Atlantic ocean.

Best of Africa serves varied gourmet world cuisine. The daily menu includes French delicacies (such as orange duckling, seafood casserole, baked guinea fowl, puff pastry chef specialties, crayfish terrine, shrimp croquettes, rabbit pie) as well as a selection of traditional and modern dishes from the African continent and other tropical countries. Fresh fish and seafood, homemade pastries,ice-creams and tropical fruit sherbets along with organic fruits and vegetable (some of them are grown in our own garden) are provided every day.

Web site: www.bestofafrica.org