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A perfect match at The Conservatory Restaurant
Intimate dining at the Table Bay Hotel

Saturate the senses with intimate style, ambiance and refreshing food and wine at the newly reopened Conservatory Restaurant at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town's V & A Waterfront.

The Conservatory has been relaunched as an intimate restaurant with an air of celebration and an innovative approach to food and wine. The restaurant will cater in the evenings only, to a maximum of 40 diners at tables predominantly for two or four. The mood is relaxed, yet upmarket and individual attention can be given to diners with special occasions in mind.

The new Conservatory is a celebration of the wondrous combinations of food and wine with an inspired menu of varied portion sizes that will tempt you to try new taste experiences. Reflecting the influences of global cuisine, the menu offers full or half portions to suit any appetite. As a refreshing departure from conventional dining, guests can enjoy an entire meal of starters if they choose to.

The wines, perfectly paired with each dish, can be enjoyed by the glass if desired, to enhance the meal in a true marriage of food and wine.

Explore gourmet originals influenced by the Orient in the Double Boiled Duck Soup, treat yourself to indigenous treasures with Karoo Lamb Cutlets or taste the flavors of Japan fused with the seductive fumes of Africa in the Peach and Honeybush-smoked Tuna Sashimi. The menu features fine local fare with an innovative twist in the form of Vodka and Beetroot Marinated Salmon, and Baby Beef Escalopes with Atlantic Shrimps and Cottage Cheese.

The Conservatory breaks new ground with its top all-woman team starring Chef Nadin Pospech and Restaurant Manager Bryony Moule. Their combined talents bring a refreshing feminine touch and exciting edge to the dining experience.

Both Bryony, who has worked in top restaurants overseas and South Africa and Nadin, a young, experienced German-born chef, have strong views on creating success in a restaurant and are out to prove the strength of the female influence on this new venture.

Backing the culinary side ˆ there will be four chefs in the Conservatory, while the Food and Beverage team under Manager Andrew Davidson provides the backdrop for service excellence in the restaurant.

Recruitment for the service team has been completed and the staff have undergone stringent training to produce what General Manager Grant Ruddiman describes as a highly professional team with an air of "unbuttoned" cordiality.

"Service staff's friendliness and warmth will at all times compliment their impeccable professionalism," he says.

Contact: Gudrun Clark
PO Box 27203, Rhine Road, Cape Town, 8050, South Africa
Tel: (021) 809 8211 Fax: (021) 462 0526