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Museum for African Art


The Museum for African Art

The Museum for African Art is dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of African art and culture. Recognized worldwide as the pre-eminent organizer of exhibitions and publishers of books devoted exclusively to historical and contemporary African art.

The Museum has produced over 40 widely acclaimed exhibitions and catalogues exploring aspects of Africa's rich artistic traditional and cultural heritage. Since its inception, the Museum exhibitions have traveled to over 70 national and international museums, giving them greater access to high quality African shows. Well over 3 million visitors outside New York City have seen exhibitions organized by the Museum for African Art.

Through exhibitions and catalogues of the highest aesthetic and scholarly merit, the Museum offers: definitive research, scholarship on African cultural groups and their regional influences; thematic comparisons and explorations of artistic ideas reflected in the great variety of cultures in Africa; innovative methods of display and interpretation of African art to involve audiences directly in the exhibition process; and programs that stimulate lifelong learning and appreciation of African art.

In 1984, the Center for African Art was founded as a venue to mount special exhibitions on African art. In the fall of 1992, the Center, then located on East 68th Street, changed its name to the Museum for African Art, a name that more accurately reflect the institution's expanded activities. In February 1993, the Museum moved to Manhattan's SoHo District. Acclaimed designer Maya Lin, creator of the National Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, re-designed the Museum's interior. The Museum also joined the new "SoHo Museum Row" community along with neighboring institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum SoHo and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Now, as a step in our long-term plan to build a permanent home for the Museum at 110th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, we have relocated to interim space in Long Island City, Queens, where we will maintain a full schedule of exhibitions and public and educational programs for several years. We are pleased to be part of the vital community of arts organizations now calling Long Island City home.


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The Museum for African Art
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