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The Message of the Director

Imagine beaches of white sands, bordered either by mountains or forests of mangroves.

Imagine under water funds of incredible beauty, inhabited by hundred of corals and a myriad of multicolored fishes.

Imagine fascinating geological landscapes, with "Lake Abbey" and the chimneys of Lake Assal, a salt ice-barrier, a primary forest and rare specimens of flora, which unfortunately have now disappeared.

Imagine this succession of grassy plains, stony plates, and of sandy deserts, imagine all these sites which make it possible for all to practice alpinism, trekking, and veil tank.

Imagine also, the "Seven brother's island and "Bab-el-Mandeb Detroit, a true corridor of migration for several hundreds thousands of birds, which allows a unique ornithological observation.

The Republic of Djibouti, a land of exchanges and meeting, offers diversified products: diving, fishing, excursions combined in bush and sea, visit of strange sites, with the guarantee of a total expatriation.

The cordial reception of the population and the quality of its presentations make the

Republic of Djibouti a tourist destination highly appreciated by its visitors.

May this guide allow you a discovery of our natural and cultural potentialities.

Be welcome

Mohamed Abdillahi Waiss

Director of the O.N.T.D.