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What they're saying ...

Djibouti reaches out to trade and tourism
By Ginny Hill , BBC News, Djibouti

The cargo vessel Shebelle has just docked at the port of Djibouti, carrying dozens of brand-new trucks. Djibouti's Red Sea port is a key African shipping hub Further along the quay, hundreds of porters are splitting a shipment of loose maize into sacks and loading them onto lorries. A knot of camels is standing around in the livestock hangar, waiting to be sent to the Arabian peninsula. This expanding shipping hub is located on one of the busiest maritime trade routes in the world. Landlocked Ethiopia is the main client and Ethiopian Shipping Lines use Djibouti as their home port. It is a major dropping point for World Food Program and USAID supplies, which are transported by road or rail to Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia's cash crop, coffee, is exported in bulk. Now an ambitious investment project plans to turn Djibouti into Africa's biggest shipping terminal, extending its commercial reach throughout East Africa. Continued on BBC website

Djibouti to explore Dubai's successful tourism model

From . The Director General of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Mr. Khalid A bin Sulayem, met with the Consul General of the Republic of Djibouti in Dubai and Northern Emirates, Mr. Osman Moosa Derar, at the DTCM Head Office today (January 23, 2006). bin Sulayem welcomed the diplomat and discussed with him the possibility of enhancing cooperation between Dubai and Djibouti, particularly in the tourism sector. The focus was on improving bilateral trade and tourism relations. Discussions also centered around the rapid strides that Dubai has made in tourism, lending itself to become one of the premier leisure and trade destinations of the world. Mr. Derar evinced interest in learning from Dubai's expertise in the tourism sector. They also discussed the impending Dubai visit of the Djibouti Minister of Youth, Tourism and Sports from February 6 to 8 to learn more about the Dubai's success model in tourism. The Djibouti Minister will be accompanied by the Director of Tourism in Djibouti, Mr. Mohammed Abdulahi. Dubai has been a trend-setter in the field of tourism with the number of international tourists showing record growth over the years.

Djibouti Profile by Gulf Marine Investments

Among Djibouti's assets are a strategic geographic location, the presence of multinational security forces, excellent port facilities, an open trade regime, a stable currency, substantial tax breaks and other business friendly incentives.  Djibouti provides services as both a transit port for the region and an international transshipment and refueling center.   Djibouti also serves as the gateway for the strong transit trade to Ethiopia and the hinterland, being the only port in the region connected to the Ethiopian capital by air, road and rail. Djibouti's economy is oriented around activities related to its strategic location.  In addition to providing world class facilities for import, export and transshipment, Djibouti is host to the largest contingent of French and U.S forces on the African continent.  The U.S... Combined Joint Task Force for the Horn of Africa (CJTHOA) has established headquarters here at Camp Lemonier.  Germany, Spain and Britain also have troops stationed in Djibouti.

Potential areas for further investment include Djibouti's port and an expanded free trade zone, tourism, manufacturing, finance, utilities and telecom sectors. GMI is encouraging and facilitating foreign investment in Djibouti and elsewhere in the region by assisting with local logistics, administrative procedures, procurement and finance.  Plans for the development of a major commercial zone adjacent to the fishing port to include a hotel,  residential, office and recreational facilities intended to cater to the growing expatriate and business community are being finalized.  GMI is seeking U.S. businesses interested in owning a footprint in Africa to participate in this ground floor opportunity.

Djibouti: Travel, Tourism and Recreation

From MBendi. The government of Djibouti is giving priority to the development of the local tourism industry so that the country can win its fair share of the millions of visitors each year from around the world who want to experience first hand some of the very special places that abound on the African continent. The tourism industry in Djibouti is serviced by both local and international operators. The capital city is served by international airlines. Some airports also provide charter services allowing visitors to access remote parts of the country not serviced by scheduled airlines. While the cost of getting to Djibouti from Europe, Asia or America is relatively high, local travel costs range from very cheap to deluxe on international scales. International car rental companies are represented. Some of the large American and European hotel chains have a foothold in Djibouti. Standards of establishments and service range from international six star ratings to, quite simply, primitive. New tourism and leisure facilities are being developed. Djibouti has diplomatic representation from several countries.