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Sky Gate International Aviation is one of the Pioneering private Airlines that took a bold step to launch Aviation Services in the private sector in Jordan and abroad.

Sky Gate International Aviation Ltd. (SGI) is a charter Airline with headquarters in Amman-Jordan and regional Offices in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Lebanon, Nigeria, Mauritania, Bishkek and Kazakhstan.

Sky Gate International Aviation can also support services of regular Operators by providing aircraft on ACMI basis. It offers aircraft to Tour Operators as non Scheduled Operator. Sky Gate International Aviation offers well-maintained aircraft for ACMI or full charter leases, to all interested Operators.

Although SGI is a new charter airline, the company' management team enjoys vast experience in planning, executing and monitoring Hajj operations from all over the world and our crew has been performing these flights year after year. 

OUR Fleet

Four L1011-250:  Long range Aircrafts with up to 10:30 non-stop flying hours, 337 passenger seating configuration all Y.                            214,000 Lbs. / 97,272 KGs fuel capacity. 

Two are already in operation and the other two are to be in operation within few months).  

Management contacts

Chairman, President & Acting VP Operations  

Captain Safwan Husseini

Mobile: +962(77)511855  


Senior Vice President / vp marketing

Mr. Ahmad Sabbagh

Mobile: +962(79)5026680


VP Administration &endash; Mr. Shafiq Maqboul

Mobile: +962(77)504991  


You Can Be Sure We Will Give You The Best And Safest Deal In The Market, And The World Is Our Market

For more information about our company

Please visit our website: