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Abyssinian Fund is an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty in Ethiopia. An event on its behalf was organized in Harlem by members of the legendary Abyssinian Baptist Church. It attracted local politicians, business leaders,


Students in vacation will be part of the human resource to provide training to these people whom we shall teach to keep better enviroment in their communities.  That way too, the young generation will be given foundation to sustain the enviroment as much as possible." email- 

Genesis Initiative and its Impact on the World

Let's create "Africa in Bloom ."Vanessa Ngango has moved her base of operations to to Rwanda. where she is manager of the Ishema Hotel

Permit me to introduce to you to The Genesis Initiative, an organization whose goal is to address environmentally related concerns affecting our country and the quality of life in each community.

The worldwide issues of Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Management are crucial to Uganda's prosperity, and it is critical that the situation, which seems to be getting out of hand, is arrested.  The Genesis Initiative will meet these needs head on by recruiting many of the very people who are currently involved in undesirable practices, and encouraging them to play a significant role in addressing the issues. 

A vanguard of unemployed women in various Ugandan communities,villages and emerging towns, will be organized, trained, equipped,facilitated and motivated to enable Genesis Initiative Uganda to achieve its worthy aims.

At the moment in our country, rich and the poor alike are doing everything to disrupt nature and degrade the environment. Sometimes out of need - or out of greed. At other times it is due to ignorance. We are convinced that someone has to voice the dangers and work out ways to rectify the situation.  See photo

Whereas there are a few organizations and government bodies that ought to be addressing these issues, the magnitude of the problem is so great that more of such organizations, need to show up and seize the moment. Genesis has been formed to narrow the existing gap, and with your help, God will use us to make a significant difference.

My initial focus is in Uganda's Mukono district where urbanization is spreading like wild fire.  This district previously was endowed with many beautiful groves of trees of great variety. The scene today is appalling, especially when one considers the pace at which the situation is regressing. The Genesis Initiative Uganda is ready to intervene.  What is happening in Mukono is the same story in other parts of Uganda, maybe not because of urbanization but from other pressures. Therefore, later on we have plans to advance our programs to other districts, as the almighty God enables us to. 

The need to network and build capacity for Biodiversity Conservation can not be overemphasized.  In developing countries, where the majority population focuses on the food for the day, not many will pay keen interest on such issues.  Yet as we know, these are issues that have detrimental effects on the life of everyone, everywhere!

Your role in the Genesis Initiative
You could play a role in this, by participating in different programs that will address the issues. For instance,financial support to Genesis Initiative Uganda, or identifying potential supporters for this very important cause. Of equal importance is your opportunity to get involved in the educational programs, demonstrations,etc., regarding the subject. 

In our effort to address the challenge, I recently purchased 4 acres of property in Nsube-Mukono, where tree planting is going on at the moment. That same location, not far from Kampala, will be used for demonstrations and training.  The contact office for Genesis Initiative Uganda is still in the advanced construction state and more details on how much we need for effective operations, will be in our proposal. to be released soon

If you express your interest, by responding by e-mail, I will arrange to send you a copy of the project proposal. Together we can make this global village a better place by being responsible neighbors, and Genesis Initiative Uganda, is an avenue you can make this dream come true.    Your response will be appreciated. 

Warmest Regards,

Vanessa Ngango,

Vanessa E.Nuwera Ngango(Mrs.)
General Manager, Ishema Hotel.

+250 (0783) 641 111, or 

"Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character." - William A. Ward, American author, pastor, teacher

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