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Make Ishema Your Home in Rwanda

Vanessa E.Nuwera Ngango(Mrs.)

General Manager, Ishema Hotel.

P. O. Box 26, Musanze - Rwanda



General Manager: +250 (03) 641 111,

Booking line: +250 546856

email;  or


The Office for National Parks and Tourism under the Rwanda Development Board has now informed that they have acquired a 24 seater 'comfort' boat for Lake Kivu to offer a new product to visitors coming to the area. Serena Hotels operates the nearby Lake Kivu Hotel, assuring visitors of international standards and quality and the new boat service is aimed to allow tourists to spend more time in the area, exploring the lake shores for birds.

The boat is also providing a new route between the gorilla national park and the Nyungwe Forest National Park according to the statement received from ORTPN, which makes visits to Rwanda more exciting than ever before. While gorillas can be tracked at the 'Parc de Volcanoes' the Nyungwe park is home to some 13 species of other primates, including chimpanzees and a variety of other game, birds and a unique flora.

The annual gorilla naming ceremony 'Kwita Izina', an absolute highlight in the tourism activities calendar in Rwanda, is provisionally set for 20th June 2009 and at least a dozen new born gorillas will be 'baptized' on that day. The festival itself however will span several days prior and after the naming day to allow for a range of additional activities to take place.

Rwanda had a record tourism year in 2008 and expects to do even better in 2009, now that more products and services are available.


About Ishema Hotel and Rwanda as a Tourism Destination

Rwanda is popularly known as 'the "Land of a Thousand Hills" (French: Pays des Mille Collines) Kinyarwanda: (Igihugu cy'Imisozi Igihumbi). It has incredible and beautiful landscapes, and is separated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Lake Kivu and the Rusizi River valley to the west; it is boarded on the north by Uganda, to the east by Tanzania, and to the south by Burundi. The capital city, Kigali, is located in the center of the country. It is a very small country yet the most densely populated (approximately 10.1 million people) on the continent of Africa, with an area of 26,338 sq km (10,170 sq mi). Most of her population is engaged in subsistence agriculture.

The transport system in Rwanda centers primarily around the road network, with paved roads between the capital, Kigali and most other major cities and towns in the country. Rwanda is also linked by an important road for trade, with other East African countries. The country has an international airport at Kigali, serving domestic and several International destinations

Rwanda's countryside is covered by grasslands and small farms extending to over-rolling hills, with areas of rugged mountains that extend southeast from a chain of volcanoes in the northwest. The divide between the Congo and Nile drainage systems extends from north to south through western Rwanda at an average elevation of almost 9,000 feet (2,740 m). On the western slopes of this ridgeline, the land slopes abruptly toward Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River valley, and constitutes part of the Great Rift Valley. The eastern slopes are more moderate, with rolling hills extending across central uplands at gradually reducing altitudes, to the plains, swamps, and lakes of the eastern border region.

Rwanda is made up of five Provinces, that is, the Northen, Southern, Eastern, Westerna and Kigali City; and each Province has several districts. Musanze district, found in the Northern Province, and bordering Uganda at Chanika outlet, is dominated by high mountains and over hanged by a chain of volcanoes with the climax being Karisimbi summit with 4507 meters of altitude. With average altitude of 2000m, the entire Northern Province abounds in varied diversity of fauna and flora. Musanze district is the home of home of the rare mountain gorilla - and bamboo forests.

Also within the district, are lovely Lakes, and these include; Lakes Burera, Ruhondo and Karago. Musanze offers a good selection of reasonably-priced small and medium hotels and guest houses. The natural beauty of Musanze District has made it the most favored location, for both local and international tourists. Every year, the district hosts a very important ceremony of naming new born gorillas, commonly known as KWITA IZINA.

The increasing numbers of tourists visiting the district has encouraged a number of potential investors, to invest in the tourism and hospitality related facilities and services. The Diocese of Shyira, under the leadership of Bishop John Rucyahana, has made considerable investment by putting up Ishema Hotel. Ishema is a Kinyadwanda word, meaning; "We pride in excellence".

Ishema Hotel has 60 living rooms (ranging form twin, double, Junior and Executive Suits, and altogether with a maximum capacity of 100 pax. Equipped function rooms for meetings, workshops and parties are also available as well as well designed and homely gardens for outdoor functions, one of the gardens situated at the swimming pool. Other facilities and services include; restaurants, coffee shop, business center transport and tour services.

Air Highways to Africa
By Jerry W. Bird, Editor.

Who flies where and when? With our biggest aviation edition now underway, serendipity played its familiar role when I received The World's Major Airlines. by David Wragg. "Today there are so many airlines operating throughout the world that even the most knowledgeable enthusiast can soon become confused about which airline flies from where to where..