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The Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board, will host the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in 2016 in Kigali.  AHIF brings together the leading international hotel investors in Africa with local operators, ministers, government officials and industry experts, to discuss all aspects of hotel investment and operation in Africa.  

The decision to host AHIF in Kigali underlines a clear strategy by the Government of Rwanda to attract investment in the tourism sector.  Ambassador Yamina Karitanyi, Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Board, said: “We see AHIF as an excellent platform to meet many of the most important decision makers and investors, who have the power collectively to influence investment in the hospitality industry in Africa.  We are determined to build relationships and showcase Rwanda as the right place to do business and therefore we believe that hosting the event will create an opportunity for local hotel developers to forge partnerships with investors.” 

In signing the agreement to bring AHIF 2016 to Kigali, all parties committed to pursuing five goals, which include: 

  • Supporting hotel and infrastructure development within Rwanda and across Africa
  • Promoting Africa to the international hotel investor and operator community
  • Educating the hotel investment community about the tourism potential of Africa
  • Facilitating networking between African stakeholders and the international community
  • Supporting Rwanda’s ambition for growth through travel & tourism

In Africa as a whole, Travel & Tourism is seen as a highly attractive growth industry. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), it is responsible for 8.1% of GDP and it is forecast to rise at 4.9% per annum until 2025.  

Similarly, Rwanda’s tourism sector continues to grow positioning itself as the leading foreign earner for the country. For the financial year 2013 to 2014, the sector registered a three per cent increase in the number of visitors to Rwanda. These numbers grew from 1.14million visitors to 1.2 million visitors also accounting for an increase in revenue from $293.4m in 2013 to $303m in 2014.

In Rwanda, leisure has been a major driver of Rwanda’s tourism industry. Currently, the country is focusing on Meetings Incentives Conference and Exhibitions/Events (MICE) tourism, capitalising on safety, developed infrastructure, accessibility and new entrants in the hotel industry such as the Marriott, Radisson Blu, Radisson by Park Inn, Sheraton, Golden Tulip, Kempisnki and Zinc, amongst others. Hosting the AHIF will no doubt contribute growth of Rwanda as a leading MICE destination in the region. Later this year, Rwanda will host Interpol AGM, World Economic Forum on Africa in 2016 as well as Africa Union Summit in 2016.

Jonathan Worsley, Chairman, Bench Events, the company that organises AHIF and other top international hotel investment conferences, said: “I know of at least three hotel projects in Rwanda that came about as a consequence of a conversation at AHIF.I have every confidence that the proactive approach that is being displayed by the Rwanda Development Board will pay off, as all the major hotel chains are seeking new opportunities in Africa – and one of the most crucial issues for them is to find public sector partners that are making a serious effort to speak their language.”

By moving to a different African city every couple of years, AHIF will help to showcase high-growth destinations across the continent as a whole.  Jonathan Worsley, Chairman of Bench Events concluded: “The African economic growth story is becoming well-known.  At around 5% per annum, it is a multiple of developed economies and that is appealing to the international business community.”

In 2014, the event took place in Addis Ababa and attracted over 500 participants from more than 40 countries who represented over 400 companies.  AHIF ‘15 will again take place in Addis, at the Sheraton hotel on 30th September – 1st October, where the number of delegates is expected to increase substantially on last year.

Several networking contacts made at AHIF have since resulted in promising new business relationships and the event attracted considerable media attention, with around a hundred reporters in attendance from major local and international news organizations.


It is now just over 5 weeks until the 4th Safety in African Aviation Conference in Kigali, 19-20November 2015! The conference is set to be the biggest one yet, so make sure that you book your place today, in order not to miss out!

Programme –We have compiled an exciting programme that will capture all the up and coming challenges and developments in the industry. We’ll bring together aviation professionals from across Africa and beyond for two days of networking, interactive discussions and presentations across the Airport, Air Traffic Control, Engineering and Flight Safety sectors.

Highlights include presentations from Willis Aerospace & Aerovista that will better equip you for your annual negotiations with you insurance broker. A full programme for the conference is attached to this email, along with a delegate booking form. To confirm your place, please complete and return the form.

Running concurrently with the conference are 3 unique courses on Flight Data Management, Dangerous Goods and Fundamentals of Airworthiness & auditing. They each give you the chance to forward your career and the safety capital of your organisation. Hurry though cause we are starting to run out of places!

Book your places today – for further information about attending the conference or any of the courses or for registration forms for the courses, please visit the events website or contact the conference team at events.

For more information or registration for any of the unique events, please visit the event website at

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AviAssist Foundation

The partners & sponsors of the Rwanda pop-up safety campus include:




(eTN) - When the Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) Tourism and Conservation Department holds their annual Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony on Saturday, June 22, at Kinigi, outside Volcano National Park, exactly a dozen newborn gorilla babies will be named this year. One of them was only born two days ago to the joy of the park staff and the conservation and tourism fraternity at large. It was Muganga of the Isabukuru group who has given birth to a baby of yet to be determined sex.

Namers selected by RDB to perform the actual naming during the high-profile ceremony are normally given a choice of two names, at times three, proposed by the rangers and wardens looking after the gorilla groups, and reflect often the circumstances of the birth, make reference to the location, or reflect the mood of the group at the time.

Kwita Izina has, over the years, developed into a week-long celebration, during which conferences and workshops dedicated to conservation take place, community projects benefiting the people living around the Volcano National Park are handed over or launched, and where sporting and society events are used to mark Rwanda’s unwavering commitment to looking after the gentle giants of the Virunga mountains.

Travelers from around the world are now regularly planning visits to Rwanda to coincide with the annual Festival of the Gorillas which is unique in the range countries where mountain gorillas are found. Visit for more information about the country’s tourism attractions, how to get there, and how best to travel across the “Land of a Thousand Hills.”



Capital City: Kigali
Other Cities: Gitarama, Butare, Ruhengeri, Gisenyi
Independence: 1 July 1962 (from Belgium)
Location: Central africa, South of the Equator at the Great Lakes region, East of 
Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Area: 26 338 sq km
Population: 8.5 million 
Ethnic groups: Hutu 85%, Tutsi 14%, Twa 1%
Religions: Christian 93.5%, Muslim 4,6%
Languages: French, kinyarwanda
Currency: Rwandan Franc (RWF)

RWANDA , “the land of a thousand hills” is one of the most incredibly beautiful places of the African continent. Rwandan tourism is one of the most fast developing industries of Rwanda. The government has lately placed a great deal of investment in the Rwanda tourism sector. 

Rwanda has many attractive beaches, lakes, mountains and an extremely rich wildlife reserve. The country is blessed with a very favorable climate, fine food, lodging facilities and a rich cultural heritage of arts and crafts. Rwanda also has national parks, national museum, eco tourism and scope for many exciting tourist activities like biking, trekking, mountain biking and shopping facilities. Tourists can enjoy an exciting vacation trip to Rwanda and its adjoining cities and their popular attractions. Rwandan tourism industry is fast booming and more and more tourists are ready to explore this comparatively quieter and peaceful country of African continent. 

Rwanda is a mountainous area which lies in the central part of Africa and is divided by the Rift Valley. There is an extensive mountain range extending from the north to south. There are many attractions in Rwanda which are spread throughout the country. Rwanda attractions mainly include national parks, museums, falls and lakes. Kigali, the capital does not have many tourist attraction spots. 

The most interesting Rwandan attraction is the A’Kagera National Park which is located on the eastern part of the country. The national park comprises of a variety of wildlife animals and is the home of more than 500 kinds of birds. It comprises of Lake Mungesera and the Rusumo Falls. 

The Parc des Volcans is one of the last sanctuaries where one can find the mountain gorilla. This region also has two active volcanoes. Lake Kivu is another popularRwandan attraction which provides the opportunity for a variety of water sports and excursions on the lake. The Rugege Forest has some rare species of wildlife animals. 

The surrounding city of Butare also a host of Rwandan attractions and one can find some interrsting craft shops, a botanical garden and museums. Beaches also form an essential part of Rwandan attraction. Tourists can visit an extensive range of beaches in Rwanda and have lots of fun. 

Rwanda National Parks are the popular tourist attractions for all those who travel to the exotic country of Rwanda. Rwanda National Parks hold a variety of wildlifewhich ranges from impalas, deer, zebras, gorillas, elephants, buffaloes and giraffes.Rwanda National Parks are also famous for its birds and some of them are the bizarre shoebill stork, the papyrus ganolek and the fish eagles. 

Some of the famous Rwanda National Parks are the Akagera National Park, the Nyungwe National Park and the Volcanoes National Park. 

Rwanda National Parks enhance the beauty of its wildlife and also attract the tourists in general. Rwanda National Parks help to protect the wildlife and all the species of birds and animals that sometimes become extinct or are hard to trace. 

The government of Rwanda takes all the initiatives to prevent the heritage of the national parks.

Eco Tourism refers to tourism that supports the conservation of environment.Rwanda Eco Tourism too has such a goal of improving and conserving the natural environment. Rwanda Eco Tourism concentrates around the National parks in this area. 

The topography of Rwanda is landlocked with hills on all sides. Such a geographical location has earned for it the title of “Land of a Thousand Hills”. 

The natural environment of Rwanda is a home to Mountain Gorillas, orchids, Birds, Butterflies. Rwanda Eco Tourism involves the preservation of this species richness. The forested tracts in Rwanda happens to be the ideal home to a variety of flora and fauna. Such a rich bio diversity has led to the growth of Rwanda Eco Tourism. The natural environment of Rwanda serves as the ideal spot for tourists to enjoy. The Akagera National Park includes with its wetlands and lakes consists of mammals like hippo, elephants and giraffe. 

Rwanda is a landlocked country in Africa noted for its species richness. The forested tracts present in Rwanda is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Rwanda also happens to have more than half of the World's gorilla population.Rwanda Gorilla are found concentrated mainly in the areas of the Virunga National Park. The Virunga National Park includes within it as many as three National Parks. It is in here that around 350 mountain Rwanda Gorilla are found. The mountain Gorillas today happen to be an endangered species. 

The Rwanda Gorillas are peace loving and tolerant of tourists. An adult Rwanda Gorilla is around thrice as bulky as an average adult human. Rwanda Gorilla safari today forms an important part of Rwanda tourism. Tracking theRwanda Gorilla is without doubt a wonderful experience. Gorilla trekking in this part brings with it the joy of observing the gorillas play,rest, sleep, feed. 

Permits need to be taken in order to go for Gorilla trek from the Rwanda Tourism Board office. Certain guidelines need to be followed that include the visitors to maintain a distance of at least 7m from the Gorillas. Besides, the time that one can spend is also limited to an hour. People with a cold are not allowed to prevent flu transfer to the gorillas. Moreover, the trekking group should not include more than eight members. Even though the visitors can take photographs one is not allowed to use flash. 

The presence of the endangered Rwanda Gorilla and many other species of flora and fauna has led to the development of the tourist industry in this region. 

Rwanda is a landlocked country marked by its hilly nature. The topography and climatic conditions have given rise to the presence of a dense cover of vegetation in the form of forests. These forests today happen to be the home of a variety of birds. Rwanda Birds variety points to the species richness that is present in this region. 

Rwanda Bird consists of around 650 species. This includes some of the very rare species of birds. The Akagera National Park is the home to many birds like the Shoebill. Besides, the other bird species that are also found here include Red faced Barbet, Carruther's and Tabora Cisticolas, Bennet's Woodpecker,White winged and Broad tailed Warbles, Papyrus Gonolek and many others. 

The Nyungwe Forest is located in the south west. Large tracts of the forest area is difficult to access due to the presence of dense vegetation and steep slopes. TheRwanda Bird species found here include some of the very rare ones like the Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis, Mountain Sooty Boubou, Red Faced Woodland,Yellow eyed black flycatcher, Rwenzori double collared,Archer's Robin Chat, Grauer's Rush, Masked mountain Apalis, Stripe Breasted Tit, Blue Headed and Regal Sunbird. Apart from these species, the Kungwe Apalis and Red-collared mountain Babbler are also found in this forest and this happens to be the only conveniently accessible place where they are found. 

There are other tracts too where Rwanda Birds are found to be present. The rich bio-diversity of this region has attracted tourists from all over the World. Observing the Rwanda Birds has always been a pleasure for the tourists.
Rwanda Butterflies include as many as 100 species. Rwanda Butterflies include some of the very rare and colorful ones. These species form an important part of the natural ecosystem of Rwanda. The diversity that is found in Rwanda in terms of birds, butterflies, orchids, gorillas has attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Rwanda with its bio diversity today happens to be the ideal destination where one can feel the intimacy with nature. 

Air Highways to Africa
By Jerry W. Bird, Editor.

Who flies where and when? With our biggest aviation edition now underway, serendipity played its familiar role when I received The World's Major Airlines. by David Wragg. "Today there are so many airlines operating throughout the world that even the most knowledgeable enthusiast can soon become confused about which airline flies from where to where..

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