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Landmarks exist in all places and for all situations. They may be tangible structures to be visited, seen and touched or intangible points of reference to be felt, celebrated, remembered and memorialized. In every case, landmarks are self-chosen and the benefits of their acquaintance extend beyond space and time. Through the empathic respect for each other's landmarks, the crucial act of 'illuminating our environment' becomes as effortless as 'switching on the light.'

NIGERIA GREETINGS, is the first in our series of landmarks across all boundaries visually depicting educational, historic and/or cultural subjects to give, frame and display proudly.

This multi-image color 9" x 12" card is designed to fit in ready-made frames. It also comes in a choice of white or green mats (outer dimension of 11"x 14") or as laminated classic table-mats. At the back of the visual brochure is a special bonus; a calendar for the "landmark" year 2000 as well as a map of the country depicting its 36 states in brilliant color and naming each and its capital.

Since we intend to donate our proceeds from this and other selected educational publications to causes that nurture awareness and obviate the root causes of human suffering, feel free to make suggestions for possible recipients even if you are not interested in participating.

If interested in wholesale purchase of this classic publication, information on other assigned publications, our photography or in our uncompromised quality publishing to your well-deserved expectations phone, fax, Email or write us.

If interested in retail purchase of Nigeria Greetings (as is, laminated, matted or tastefully framed) or in other classic BIJON publications let us know. Like our hundreds of images of which over one hundred are published, each image is intended for framing and wall decor or as gifts to introduce Africa visually to Africans and their friends. Best wishes as you celebrate and share your heritage with pride!

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