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Images of Nigeria: An Introduction...nnnnnn
Also see Landmarks by Jonathan Wosu

Captions for photo selection (below)
African Drums: routinely used in celebrations, these are instruments of direct, unbiased communication.

Ready to Celebrate: teamwork and enthusiasm are reflected in masked and colorful Nigerian cultural dancers.

Textured Wall: the wall of this traditional house in Kano bears a simple decoration that reflects Hausa motif. The camel is a reminder of the role of Kano as the southern terminus in the camel-driven trans-Saharan trade that operated for several centuries.

Zuma Rock: this central landmark in Nigeria depicts and symbolizes, to the photographer, the attributes of fortitude and constancy.

The Residency: this relic of colonial rule was shipped in the late 19th century from Liverpool, England and reassembled in Calabar, Nigeria. It served as one of the earliest colonial offices and residency. This historical landmark is presently a museum.

Decorated: simple and spontaneous decoration accents the innate beautyand exuberance of two of Nigeria's unsung heroes - its cultural dancers.

Queen Mother Bronze: the art of metal sculpture is one of the numerous contributions of Nigeria to the history of art. Depicted is the bust of a Benin Queen Mother-a beloved and highly respected status

Oduduwah Hall: named after Oduduwah, the legendary founder of Yoruba nation, this building is an example of artistic expression, very commonly displayed in many Nigerian landmarks. Obafemi Awolowo University (founded as University of Ife) is a premier institution that offers baccalaurate, graduate and professional degrees in many disciplines.

Nigeria Photo Montage


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