Photo Highlights: ATA 4th EcoTourism Symposium, Abuja, Nigeria
Above- ATA delegates on Host Day
Left- Ms. Bode-Thomas (left), President of ATA Nigeria Chapter, Resident Manager of Eko Meridien Hotel, Lagos, with delegates on Host Day.

Above- Josephine Macaulay, Congress Chairman. Mira Berman, Exec. Director, ATA
Left - ATA delegates on Host Day.

Above- Marlene Melton, ATA New York City Chapter President, Florence Odita, ATA member.
Left- Hon. Alabo Graham-Douglas, Minister of Culture & Tourism, Nigeria; Mira Berman, ATA Exec. Director; Minister of Tourism, Angola .

Right- Ibrahim Camara, Directeur General, Senegal; Josephine Macaulay, Congress Chairman; Minister of Tourism, Angola.

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