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Nigerian Festivals and Cultural Tours
by Ladi Jemi-Alade

A "celebration of life" awaits when you participate in any of our Cultural Festival Tours, by which you can gain contact with the people of Nigeria that no 'ordinary' trip can not afford.

Argungu Fishing Festival
at Sokoto
Annual celebrations to mark beginning of the fishing season in Argungu, Kebbi State, is one of the most famous cultural festivals in Nigeria. Bare-hand fishing competitions among over 1,000 Fishermen, equipped with a hand net and large gourd, is the main event of this cultural extravaganza. For a whole year preceding the festival, fishing is prohibited on the river Sokoto venue of the Festival and traditional rituals are performed to prevent all the fishes in the area from migrating to neighboring waters. Prizes are awarded to the fishermen with the biggest catches. Since 1940, the score of the festival has been expanded to include traditional water sports, wild duck catching, swimming, diving, wrestling contest, arts and craft exhibition, agricultural shows and traditional music and entertainment. Your tour includes Kabanchi displays, tour of Sokoto and visit to the palace of the Emir of Gwandu, shopping & sightseeing.
Argungu Festival Tour: 4 days/3 Nights. 5 days/4 Nights

Durbar Festival at Kano & Katsina: Durbar, the spectacular traditional parade of horsemen from the various sections of the Katsina emirate assembled to exhibit horsemanship and pay homage to the Emir during Sallah (Islamic celebration) and on special occasions. It is sometimes held as a mark of honor for important visiting dignitaries. This colorful procession full of pomp and pageantry is led by the Emir and features contest among the royal cavalry, drummers, trumpeters, praise singers and wrestlers. It depicts the past glories of the emirate before the influence of western culture.


Your tour includes Durbar Parade and festivities in Katsina and Kano, tour of Kano & Katsina, visit to Jibiya boundary market, Camel ride, shopping and sight-seeing.

Durbar Festival Tour: 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

Igue Festival at Benin City: The oldest cultural festival in the ancient Benin Kingdom came to limelight in 1440 A.D. during the reign of the Oba Ewuare. The annual thanksgiving festival is the climax of all traditional festivities in the Kingdom. It is celebrated to mark the end of the Benin yearend to offer prayers for peace and prosperity in the new year. This colorful festival featuring the best of Benin life and culture is one of the rare occasions when the Oba dances in public. Your tour includes Igue thanksgiving ceremonies at the Oba's palace, art & craft exhibition, tour of Benin and Abraka, visit to Nana museum at Koko, shopping and sightseeing.

Igue Festival Tour: 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

"Mannwu" Festival at Enugu: "Mmanwu" or masquerade, a popular social institution among the Igbo people of Nigeria. Masquerades at festivals represent incarnated ancestral spirits visiting their descendants to entertain, give guidance and exorcise evil spirit. Souls of departed people are in a state of personal immortality because the process of dying is never complete. This is one of the rich African cultural heritage that have survived western influences. "Mmanwu" festival features an assemblage of over 2,500 masquerades of various designs shapes and sizes from different communities in Anambra State of Nigeria and is said to be the largest concentration of masquerades on the Africans continent and perhaps in the world. Your tour includes masquerade carnival, arts & craft exhibition, visit to Ogbunike caves, visit to Akwete Village, tour of Enugu, shopping and sight-seeing.

Oshun Festival at Oshogbo: Oshun-Lyalode, the Yoruba water spirit of love, marriage and gold is one of the Orixhas that form the famous seven African powers. It is known in Santeria religion as our Lady of La Carida del the Cobre and is worshipped in Cuba, West Indies, Brazil and Ameria. According to legend, Oshun has unlimited powers and is invoked during difficult pregnancies. Osun is always pleasant and fun loving but has a ferocious temper when her anger is aroused. She is often referred to as the Venues of the African continent. The ancient shrine of Oshun is located at Oshogbo. Traditional offerings are made to the spirit annually to bring peace and harmony to the land and the people. Your tour includes thanksgiving ceremonies at Oshun shrine, dance drama presentations, arts & craft exhibition, visit to museum and historical sites at Ile-Ife, shopping and sight-seeing.

Oshun Festival Tour: 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

Eco-Tour Nigeria: Nigeria is richly endowed in eco-tourism potentials with over 10% of the total land area preserved for conservation. Listed are tour packages some of the national parks and conservation sites. They afford the nature enthusiast an opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of one of the most eco-diversified areas of West Africa.

Bird watching: For the first time in Nigeria, a Safari adventure tour with emphasis on bird watching is being offered to naturalists, beginners and expert bird watchers. With vast unexplored landscape, Nigeria offers the best opportunity for bird watching in West Africa. A bird expert will be your guide through an itinerary which covers excellent bird watching sites established by the Royal Society for the protection of Birds (RSPB) Britain, including the unexplored Hadejia-Nguru wetlands in the north of the country and will also offer opportunity of seeing some larger games at the Yankari and Kainji Lake National Parks. Longer time is spent looking at the amazing variety of bird in all their full array of colors. Experience a unique holiday off the beaten tracks when you book this interesting holiday package of a life time.

Bird Watching Tour: 14 Days/13 Nights

Cross River National Park: The 2,800 Qs Km Cross River National Park was established in 19898. It consists of the Bosahi Okweango Forest reserve and the Southern Oban Hills Forest reserve. Located about 3 - hour drive north of Calabar. It is the most bio-diverse ecosystem in West Africa and contains several species of wildlife including Chimpanzee, Drill, Red Columbus, Elephant and a small population of lowland Gorillas.

Cross River Tour: Depart Lagos by air for Calabar. Check-in on arrival at hotel. Visit to Oban Hills and the Drill Conservation project site. Game viewing at the Boshi Okuwangoi Forest and tour of Obudu Cattle Ranch, Ikom and Calabar.
4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights
*Optional: Gorilla Tracking by special arrangement.

Eco-Tourism Expedition
Gasshaka - Gumpti National Park
An expedition to the Gasshaka - Gumpti National Park, Nigeria's largest park at 6402.98 Km. for small groups of 8-12 people led by profession al wildlife guides. The park is an intricate patch - world of rain forest, woodlands and mountain grasslands cloaked in wildness and drained by a net work of fast flowing rivers. It is home to mount Gangirwal the "Mountain of Death" which is Nigeria's highest mountain at 2,200 meters altitude. The expedition offer an experience of adventure to explore the most scenic and remote areas of Nigeria. An opportunity to view unique game, bird life, flowers, butterflies etc. in their natural habitat. Minimum of 4 people to book tour.

Gashaka-Gumpti Expedition: 7 Days/6 Nights

Kainji National Parks: The 5,340.82 sq. km Kainji lake National Park was established in 1979 by the merger of the Borgu and Zugurma Games Reserves. Located about 10-hours drive North of Lagos in the Guinea Savannah region, it offers wide variety of Nigeria's flora and fauna resources. Wildlife at the park include Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Lion, Oribi, Warthog and Baboon. There is a profusion of migratory Birds especially along the Kainji Lake shore.

Kainji Lake Tour: Depart Lagos for Kainji. Accommodation at Olli River Lodge on arrival. Morning and afternoon game viewing, boat ride on Kainji Lake, visit to New Busa and Kainji Hydro Electric Dam.. 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

Obudu Cattle Ranch: The perfect place for a nature encounter holiday experience. Enjoy an active day at the ranch where you can swim at the "grotto" a natural pool, go horseback riding, bird watching, hiking in a natural environment, participate in a game of tennis or join one of the planned guest activities. In the evening, watch the sun set during an open air cultural evening of music, dance and entertainment. Your tour includes City Tour of Calabar, site of Ikom monoliths (a.d. 900) and the Agboki Waterfalls. Available during the dry season from February to May and August to October. Four people minimum required to book tour. 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary: One of the few remaining pristine rain forest area in Southern Nigeria established by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) with the support of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to save the Sclater's Guenon- one of the rarest monkeys in the world endemic to Nigeria and few remaining Forest Elephants in Nigeria. It is located at about an hour's drive from Benin City off the Lagos - Benin expressway. It contains other primates native to the rain forest. It is ideal for game viewing and as a nature trail.

Okomu Tour: Depart Lagos for Okomu by road. Accommodation at NCF Guest House at Okomu or Hotel at Benin. Game viewing, nature trail, canoeing, tour of Benin and recreational activities at Abraka. 3 Days/2 Nights. 4 Days/3 Nights

Yankari National Park: The 2,240 sq., Km Yankari National Park is the best known park in Nigeria Located about-hour drive from Jos, it offers a great opportunity for viewing variety of wildlife species in their natural habitat. Most frequently seen animal species are Baboon, Water Buck, Roan Antelope, Elephant, Hippopotamus and Crocodile, Lion is occasional sighted. There is bird life in spectacular profusion particularly close to the Gaji river.

Yankari Tour: Depart Lagos by air for Abuja or Jos. Transfer by road to Yankari via Bauchi. Accommodation at the Wikki camp on arrival at Yankari. Morning and evening game viewing, swimming at Wikki natural warm springs, tour of Jo and Bauchi. 4 Days/3 Nights. 5 Days/4 Nights

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