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GLOBE 2004

Why Africans should attend the World's Leading
Enviro-Business Conference: Vancouver, Canada,
March 31 to April 2, 2004

by Jerry W. Bird

 Review of the Globe 2002 Show

During this 3-day event, we've conducted interviews with delegates from Cameroon, South Africa and Ghana. Interest in Africa by Canadian government and industry sources is high, and many exhibitors and participants from Globe 2002 plan to participate in the
Johannesburg Summit 2002, Aug. 26 - Sept. 4. Africa Travel Magazine will produce a special supplement “EcoSolutions” for that event , plus our “Ecotourism Showcase” edition.

An Eco success story of international proportions involves Mamsco, a Ghana-based company which has developed a major system step-by-step over the past 10 years. Recognized at highest government levels and leaders of ECOWAS, the project now includes 16 West African Countries. The company's pilot project ; a Waste Oil Treatment Plant at the Tema Port facility near Accra, Ghana will be replicated in the 15 other West African countries under the auspices of UNEDO's "Gulf Current Large Marine Ecosystems" project.

Photo: President of Ghana, Hon. J. A. Kufour (left) extends greetings to Mr. Martin Asamoah-Manu, Executive Director of Mamsco Marketing International Ltd. in appreciation of the company's Waste Stock Exchange Management Systems (WSEMS). Mamsco's copyright involves the processing of marine and land-based sources of waste oil into residual oil products. We were impressed with the universal message which became the theme of Mamsco's Business Plan.

• The WORLD should not expect the EARTH to produce more.
• The WORLD must do more with what the EARTH has produced.
• WASTE is nothing but potential RAW MATERIALS currently located at the wrong place.
• WASTE of Company A can become the RAW MATERIAL of Company B
(proving that one man's poison is another man's delicacy).

The WSEMS program operates on the four-R Principles of Waste Management:

Re... cover

Re ... cycle

Re ... use

Re ... duce

. For details:

reatment lant

Complimentary Copies of Africa Travel Magazine are available at key locations and at media events during the week.

The brightest minds in the world of business and environment are gathered in Vancouver, Canada to share critical strategic business intelligence and debate the role of business in the world's environmental agenda.

"We believe this is the most prestigious gathering of corporate leaders, policy makers and scientists in the business of the environment ever," says GLOBE Foundation of Canada President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John D. Wiebe.

Africa Travel Magazine's ATA 5th EcoTourism Symposium Edition in 2001 contained features on EcoTourism development and ecological concerns throughout Cameroon and all of Africa.
GLOBE 2002 is a global forum featuring over 200 of the world's top executives in the energy and environment field.

Anita Burke: Group Advisor-Sustainable Development and Environment, Shell Canada Ltd. (Canada)

Linda Coady: Vice President, Environmental Enterprise, Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd. (Canada)

Dianne Dillon Ridgley: Director, Interface Inc.; Green Mountain Energy Company (USA)

Jim Dinning: Executive Vice President, Sustainable Development and External Relations, TransAlta Corporation (Canada)

Daniel Gagnier: Senior Vice President, Corporate and Environmental Affairs, Alcan Inc. (Canada)

Ian Johnson: Vice President, Environment and Socially Sustainable Development, World Bank (USA)

Elizabeth A. Lowery: Vice President, Environment & Energy, General Motors Corporation (USA)

Sir Mark Moody Stuart: Chairman, Business Action for Sustainable Development; former Chairman, Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (Great Britain).

Dr. Herman Meyer: Project Director, Sustainable Development and Mobility, Volkswagen Group (Germany)

Dr. Ferdinand Panik: Vice President and Head of the Fuel Cell Project, DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany)

Ralph Peterson: Chairman, President and CEO of CH2M HILL Ltd. (USA)

Michael Phelps: Chairman & CEO, West Coast Energy Inc. (Canada)

Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt: Founder and Chair, The Natural Step (Sweden)

Bruce Sampson: Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Sustainability, BC Hydro (Canada)

Sarah Severn: Director, Sustainable Development, Nike Corporation (USA)

Dr. Mark Small: Vice President, Environment, Safety and Health, Sony Corporation of America (USA)

Maurice Strong: Chairman, Earth Council (Canada)

Dorian Vanessa Weaver: Member of the Board of Directors, Export-Import Bank (USA)

GLOBE 2002 also features the participation of major political figures responsible for energy and environment issues including:

The Honourable David Anderson: Minister of Environment (Canada)

The Honourable Pat Duncan: Premier of the Yukon (Canada)

The Honourable Stephen Kakfwi: Premier of the Northwest Territories (Canada)

The Honourable John Leslie Prescott: Deputy Prime Minister (Great Britain)

Klaus Toepfer: Executive Director, United Nations Environment Program (Kenya)

The conference will provide a strong foundation for dialogue on the following themes:

Corporate Sustainability: Positioning for Maximum Benefit

Climate Change: Global Strategies for Adaptation and Mitigation

Continental Energy: Balancing Business Opportunity & Environmental Risk

Sustainable Mobility: Fuel Cell Vehicles and the Hydrogen Economy

Efficient Energy: Innovative Strategies for Meeting Energy Requirements

International Business Opportunities: Trends and Transformations in demand for environmental technologies and services.

GLOBE 2002 will take place March 13 &endash; 15, 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. For a full conference schedule see

Renee Iversen Laura Ballance

GLOBE 2002 GLOBE 2002

604-666-5833 604-787-6982                            


A World Class Event
From March 13-15, 2002, international leaders in the business of the environment will convene to discuss how major developments in energy policy and sustainable development can be translated into technology solutions and business opportunities. Recognizing globalization as a leading force in the business of the 21s century, GLOBE 2002 offers the strategic intelligence needed to conquer the challenge of balancing strategic business, energy and environment agendas. Strategically positioned to take place prior to the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, GLOBE 2002 is a platform for government and business to come together and interact on the key business and environment issues that comprise the agenda of the 21st Century. In addition, GLOBE 2002 will a detailed look at the energy-environment linkages that will define the emerging continental energy strategy in North America.

Positioning for Maximum Benefit

- Continental Energy: Balancing Business

Opportunity & Environmental Risk

- Climate Change: Global Strategies for Adaptation & Mitigation

Trends and Transformations

Corporate Executives
Executives and senior managers responsible for business development strategy; environment, health and safety; finance; government; regulatory and public affairs; technology development; research and engineering; and product stewardship.

Policy Makers
Senior decision-makers and government officials responsible or environment and energy; policy and planning; regulatory development, enforcement, and monitoring; research and technology transfer; business, economic and regional development; and resource management.

Environment Industry Executives
Executives from environmental technology and service companies responsible for business development, technology,marketing, research and development, and finance.

International Agency Representatives
Representatives from international agencies including the United Nations Environment Program, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, US Agency for International Development, Canadian International Development Agency and the International Finance Corporation.

The GLOBE Foundation of Canada
TEL: 604-775-7300

Previous GLOBE ™ events have set the bar at an impressive height in terms of offering unparalleled access to international environmental intelligence and providing opportunities to meet senior level executives from around the world. Over 75 countries were represented at GLOBE 2000, and GLOBE 2002 is expected to attract an even greater international participation amounting to over 600 international delegates from all across the globe.

International participants form an integral component of the GLOBE Series, which strives to ensure that the international marketplace is fully integrated into all aspects of the conference and trade fair. GLOBE 2002 will opportunities to meet and form relationships with environment industry representatives from Canada, the United States, and the rest of the international community.

New international events include:

DFAIT's Export Café: The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade will host a session designed to provide delegates with the chance to meet with Trade Commissioners and discuss environmental opportunities available in their host countries. The Export Café will also feature roundtables dedicated to discussing specific environmental issues, where trade commissioners and industry experts can meet to "open up the doors" and bring together major international corporations and environmental technology service providers from around the world.

Business Matching and One-on-One Meetings: The GLOBE 2002 Trade Floor will once again feature a business matching center. Here, delegates can take part in one on one meetings with other delegates, enabling them to foster important business relationships in a unique setting.

International Business Opportunities:
Tracks 5 & 6 of the GLOBE 2002 Conference Program will be dedicated to highlighting and discussing important international markets and thriving global environmental opportunities. Issues such as water and waste-water, alternative energy, and transportation infrastructure and urbanization will all be integrated into dynamite conference sessions where delegates will hear from world renowned speakers representing major corporations, government,and financial institutions from around the world.

Phone: 604-775-7300 or toll free 800-274-6097
Fax: 604-666-8123

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