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By Helen C. Broadus

Morocco, North Africa is home of the continent's oldest monarchy and is one of Africa's main tourist destinations, bringing in more than 3.3 million tourist representing an estimated 1.8 billion in foreign currency in the year 2000. In 1996, I had the pleasure of visiting Marrakech, Morocco as a delegate to a travel and tourism conference. It was truly a fantastic experience which I thought I would never get the chance to repeat. Fortunately, I am pleased to announce that Venue International Professionals, Inc. (VIP) will be promoting several affordable tours to be held in Morocco in conjunction with the Africa Travel Association's (ATA) Sixth Cultural and Eco-Tourism Symposium in Fés, Morocco &endash; December 8-13, 2002. Morocco, while blessed with very beautiful beaches, is most famous for the world renowned marvels of art and history represented by its Imperial Cities of Fés, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat. The Kingdom of Morocco is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco received its independence from France on March 2, 1956 and has a population of more than 30 million with Rabat as the official capital. While Arabic is the official language, French is often the language of business, government and diplomacy. English is also widely spoken and many American and European tourists visit Morocco for vacation and/or business purposes all year round.

Morocco is slightly larger than California, with a similar lengthy coastline (3,500 km) and separated from Europe by the Straits of Gibraltar. Interestingly, the link between Africa and Europe could be finally completed by the construction of a gigantic viaduct across the Straits of Gibraltar. This bridge will start from Cape Malabat to the east of Tangier and reach the southern coast of Spain at Cape Paloma. This engineering feat would enable 10-15 million passengers to cross annually, along with 2 million vehicles and 5 million tons of freight. This would definitely speed up the union between Morocco and the European Union.

Photo (above) - Casablanca.


Morocco, as stated earlier, is renowned for its Imperial Cities. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit these Imperial Cities as well as experience Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Casablanca has the largest port of the Maghreb (North African) nations and was modeled after the seaport in Marseille, France. Casablanca is a very cosmopolitan city with both "old world charm and new world pleasures".

Photo: (above) - Rabat

Rabat, also known as the "Garden City" is the administrative capital of Morocco. In many ways, Rabat is a traditional yet modern and elegant city, with wide and harmonious boulevards with trees, flowers, gardens and luxurious boutiques. Fés is often described as the "spiritual and cultural center" of Morocco. As the kingdom's original capital (808 A.D.), Fés is known as the most Imperial City of them all in Morocco. Meknes is famous for its picturesque and exotic souks (markets) with colorful displays of foods, handicrafts and textiles. Within a short driving distance of Meknes is Volubilis, the most important Roman ruins in all of Morocco. In 1997, this rich legacy won Volubilis the classification as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Marrakech is called the "voluptuous city" and is full of many historical sites as well as exquisite shopping bazaars.

Opportunities to experience luxurious palaces, exotic kasbahs, museums, casinos, golf courses, mountains, lush oases, and fabulous marketplaces. The complete tour package includes roundtrip airfare from JFK International Airport to Casablanca/Fés, conference registration fee, welcome reception, deluxe hotel accommodations with private bath, breakfast daily (with lunches and dinners as indicated in the published itinerary), English-speaking tour guides, park entrance fees, in-country transportation, farewell dinner and a special VIP gift. Royal Air Maroc will be the official airline carrier and service onboard is equal to the best of European airlines with meticulous and courteous attention to all of the smallest details. Special discounted rates on Coach and Business Class will be offered for delegates to the Eco-Tourism Conference.

Photo (above) - Marrakech at night

On this tour you will have many o A Pre-Tour of Casablanca and Rabat from December 6-7, 2002 is $315.00 per person based on double occupancy and a Post-Tour of Beni-Mellal and Marrakech from December 13-17, 2002 is $558.00 per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement will be an additional fee based on number of nights. Prices and dates for each of the tours are subject to change based on total number of participants. Photo (above right) Rabat,

For more information about attending the ATA's Eco-Tourism Conference and/or joining our Morocco Tour, please contact Helen C. Broadus Toll-Free at 1-877-TO-VENUE [(301) 856-9188] or send me an e-mail at

About the author: Helen C. Broadus is the President of Venue International Professionals, Inc. (VIP) &endash; an African-American owned full service travel and tourism company based in the Washington Metropolitan Area. VIP specializes in providing escorted and customized travel and tourism packages for individuals and groups interested in visiting the African continent. She is also the Executive Secretary of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) and has conducted numerous travel and tourism programs to twenty countries in Africa over the past ten years.

Photos on this page courtesy Casablanca Travel and Tours of Alexandria, Virginia.