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Letters from Readers Worldwide

From Israel: "The Web site is truly fantastic and a real eye-opener."

From Cote d'Ivoire: All my congratulations for introducing a http://www.africa-ata.org/txt_letters.htm FAST TRACK  device. Internet connection is tremendously expensive and difficult in most African countries. This will help many professionals and Africans most generally who had certainly not been able to benefit from your useful information until now. Beatrice Grandcolas, Best of Africa

From New York: Dear Ms. Goufrani. Thank you the compliment on Suzanne. It is with comments like yours that help us to motivate our teams to continously improve and deliver world class customer service. I will be sure to share your email with Suzanne and ensure she receives the proper recognition for a job well done. I was also glad to hear your trip to Zambia and South Africa was productive and enjoyable. I'm sure you will have many memories to cherish. Thank you for choosing to fly on Cathay Pacific Airways and I look forward to welcoming you onboard another flight in the near future. Sincerely, James Groark
Airport Services Manager- JFK International Airport

From Edmonton, Canada: I would like to express you my thanks for the kind report you did for our organization. The photos in the web are very clear and look very good when I printed them. I will keep in touch with you and I would like to know more about your organization and work together with you for the African people. Luketa M'pindou, Coordinator. Alliance Jeunesse-Famille

From the USA: Dear Muguette. I enjoyed your bridal fair article very much. I found the site while looking for info the Ethiopia's Rock-hewn churches. Please take a look at our publication. We are always looking for great articles and perhaps your writers would like to contribute. Sincerely, Sheri Leigh

From USA Thank you so very much for your assistance. I am greatly relieved to know that she is safe. I will follow your good advice. Helen

From the USA: "I came upon the your website http://www.africa-ata.org/morocco.htm by accident and I just want to tell you that I think it is wonderful. The way you have painted Morocco has made me long to return to it. I'm half Moroccan and half American. My mother is Berber and my father an American Italian. I was born in Ouarzazate, which is a small town south of Rabat. I really just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job. ~Nawal Cristillo
Many thanks Nawal. Editor

From South Africa: Dear Jerry,. Hope this mail finds you well. We've met a few weeks ago at the Holiday Inn in Lusaka, Zambia. I've promised to send you contact information of South African trains should you wish to do a story in Travel Magazine. The two most luxurious are the Blue Train (+27-21-4492672) and Rovos Rail (+27-21-4214020). Both target the foreign tourist market and routes cover South Africa as well as Southern Africa destinations. I've done the Pretoria / Cape Town route on the Blue Train a few years ago and can recommend it any time. The Union Steam Limited (+27-21-4494391) is a vintage steam train covering mainly the Garden Route in the Western Cape and also attract a lot of foreign visitors (steam train lovers) from abroad. The Outeniqua Choo-Choo (+27-44-8018264) is another steam train operating the short distance between Knysna and George with beautiful scenery along the route. It is a nice outing for a day if you are in the area. Finally, their is Holiday on Wheels (+27-21-4494391) offering various tours covering routes in South Africa, Namibia, etc. The package involves using the train as a base for accommodation and meals and doing excursions with coaches along the route. Best regards, AJ, AJ Kruger

From Washington, DC, USA: You passed me your card and gave me a copy of your magazine AFRICA. We also talked about the African Barkless Dog, the Basenji. Recently the Basenji organization we belong to prepared a review of a book titled "Dogs of Africa", which has a chapter devoted to the Basenji. I'll try to get a link on that book for you from the Basenji Companion's web site. Allen R. Thuring

Dear Allen. I am sure our readers will find the Basenji story interesting. We will be proud to feature it on our site and magazines. Perhaps someday, becoming an owner.

From London, UK: Could you please let your members know about our taxi service for people arriving from the USA in London. Our website is http://www.welcometotheuk.com We offer a meet and greet service with the driver meeting the customer inside the terminal directly they get off the flight thank you. Mark

Dear Mark. We are proud to include your link, having experienced the courtesy and professionalism of cab drivers we have had the good fortune of meeting while in London. Editor

From Zambia: Dear Muguette. Believe it or not Zambia is the real Africa. What with Musi-O-tunya..."the water that thunders." Just reminding you how Zambia is really the true Africa... Will talk about this later. I was away sight seeing and canoeing in the Luangwa river over the weekend. Just taking a break and to get some heal for the Soul. Very theraputic indeed.Well that is what the whole of Zambia is all about. God/nature could have denied us the coast but the wild is always breathtaking all over. The people,They say, give them butter to eat, it will not melt and are so kind and welcoming they cannot kill a bee. Alexis


From Sweden: Dear Sir or Madame. I am a student at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, working towards a major in marketing. I am currently about to write my Master Thesis. My plan is to write about "Adventure Tourism in Guinea" through a program called Minor Field Studies, which gives Swedish students the financial opportunity to travel to a developing country and conduct a study. My problem is that I do not have a contact in Guinea yet, and since this is required to recieve financial aid, I am in desperately need of someone. It has to be someone living in the country, willing to help me find information I will neeed to carry out this study, but is does not have to be a scholar and it does not get any payment for this. I saw your company the Internet and thought that maybe you know someone that would be willing to help me, or even do it yourself. If so, please write me back and indicate your interest. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards,
Nils Hammar

Dear Mr. Hammar. Thank you for your letter. We appreciate your compliments on our articles on Guinea and are forwarding your request to Mr. Ibrahima Diallo, Manager of Tourism for the Republic of Guinea. Mr. Diallo works closely with the Hon. Minister Sylla Diakite and is extremely knowledgable in your areas of interest. Please stay in touch with me as we are interested in your progress and the exciting project you are embarked upon. Warmest Regards,
Jerry W. Bird, Editor and Publisher
President Africa Travel Association Canada Chapter

From the USA: I would just like to say, I found your information on the Zambezi River, extraordinary. I LOVED the pictures, they were just superb!! Especially the Picture of the Zambezi waterfall. i thought that was a beautiful site. I do hope i could visit that one day. Thank you again for your marvelous site! Yours Thankfully. Laura May.

From South Africa
Thank you for all your help and information. I must say that Canadians have to be the friendliest people! I e-mailed a number of people and associations and every single reply has had helpful links and information,plus the people have just be incredibly friendly. Thank you
Claire Hill

From Italy: SHOPPING AND TRAVEL: AFRICA'S FASHION-DESIGNERS WIN ACCLAIM . We wish to submit to your attention the presence on the market of our professional products. Great companies like Christian Dior, Helena Rubinstein, Estee Lauder, Make up for Ever and Guerlain and Clarins, are only some of many who have chosen our products. Our exclusive and patented line of products introduced in the best international fairs and cosmetic magazines has been created purposelyfor the requirements of those who operate in the field of the cosmetic, binding together the prestige to the comfort of use. We invite you to visit http://www.cantonionline.it , Devis Paganelli, Marketing Director, CANTONI GROUP

From the British Isles: "Your publication has so far been one of the best sources of information on this topic that I've come across." Phillip T. Slattery, Economic Section, US Embassy - London.

From the USA: We love your Morocco Wedding Fair story ...

Dear Muguette. Since I read your article about Morocco, we took a group of African American Female educators there last year and had a wonderful time. Hope to take a group again next year. Briefly, the experience was wonderful. We spent most of our time in Agadir with a one night excursion to Marrakech. We stayed at Club Valtur and the resort was great, albeit very Italian. I didn't learn much about the people or culture of Morocco, hence the need for a second trip. However, I did make a few friends (smile). Morocco is a fascinating if you love sensory experiences or sensory overload!!

The experience started as soon as we boarded the Royal Air Maroc flight, and continued for the entire trip. I'll never forget the sights, smells and sounds of the souk at Marrakech!!! Shopping was great as well. As I said, I prefer to get a little more into the country itself, but it was a great 'spa experience'. The trip was billed as "Sister Scholars at the Spa"!!! Actually, Morocco was a great value I would go again for that reason alone. I started writing an article several months ago and would be happy to share my thoughts with you further. Pamela, US Travel Agent

Carnivore Rescue & Rehab Centre
A suitable large farm or piece of bush land in either Tanzania or Botswana is being sought to set up a Carnivore Rescue & Rehab Centre. Further, those keen on setting up this project will need assistance in terms of funding/sponsorship. If anyone knows of such a property or has suggestions/can assist with the financial aspect, please get in touch. For more information please contact terry@africanconservation.org
Terry Harnwell
The African Conservation Foundation

Dear Terry: It will be a pleasure to tell our readers about your centre.

Adventures in Kenya: I would like to Introduce our Safari company to you. NATURETREK Adventures Safaris Ltd was established in Kenya in 1994. The company was founded and is still owned by Stanley Thomas (British) and Michael Veke (Kenyan). Because of their love of the African wild and outdoor activities, they started off with trekking and hiking safaris. (continued on page 2)

Dear Michael. We are pleased to hear from you and are informing our readers via this web site. Hope to meet you during our ATA 30th Anniversary Congress in Nairobi, or perhaps even sooner. We had the pleasure of introducing many of your fellow Kenya tour operators to travel agents here in Vancouver, Canada two years ago, and it was a great pleasure. Muguette

Travel Posters of Africa: I work at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. We are a small natural history museum located in Centerport, NY. We have many unique artifacts from Africa and wish to teach children from the local area and surrounding areas about this wonderful, mysterious continent. Our African Adventure will take place this summer. If you would be so kind and send a travel poster it would greatly enhance our program and help the children understand the unique diversity of life found in Africa. Thank you for your consideration, Sincerely, Kathleen Frost, Vanderbilt Museum, 180 Little Neck Rd., Centerport, NY 11721 mailto:tfrost@optonline.net

Dear Kathleen. Please visit our Africa Travel Association (ATA) web site, which has a page listing the main contacts in the USA for African National Tourist Offices, with links to embassies and airlines serving Africa from the USA and Canada. http://www.africa-ata.org/african_tourism.htm . We've also passed on your request to ATA head office in New York City.

Info on Akodessewas Togo
Hello Muguette. My boyfriend and I are doing research on Akodessewas and would like to see photos or see if there is a Video tape that we could purchase (possibly through a TV series on the market). If you have any advise, I would love to hear from you.
Thanks, Stacy

Good Morning Stacy. Here's a site and an e-mail address, where they can connect you directly with the sources of video tapes and books, etc. on Togo. http://www.republicoftogo.com, The official Website of the Republic of Togo mailto:info@republicoftogo.com
Please keep in touch and let us know how you make out in your project and with the above connection. Warmest Regards, Muguette Goufrani

Coffee Beans from Ethiopia: Dear sir: I want you to inform me all the needed information if i want to import Harar coffee beans. Dandachli Family

We appreciate your inquiry. Here is a contact for coffee beans in Ethiopia and I am sure they can help you. Haicof Plc / Coffee, Box 4854, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: ( 251) 1-510124, 515117, 516888
Fax: (251) 1-518588, E-mail: haicof@telecom.net.et
Warmest Regards, editor

Cape Town greetings to Muguette: Please enjoy this little hidden Cape Town secret. If you ever travel in the Sea Point area of Cape Town and are passing the Bordeaux flats complex on the beach front, then stop in front of the building and ponder about the following. The Bordeaux apartment building used to be a family mansion originally owned by the Marais family, hence the naming of Marais Road on the one side of the present day building.

The Marais family named the original mansion Bordeaux in honour of their French heritage. The mansion was bought from the Marais family by the Graaf family who became well known in SA political circles for many years thereafter. Lady Graaf, who stayed in the Bordeaux mansion, used to, on a daily basis, cross the gravel road in front of her home so as to go swim in the sea for health purposes. There was, however, a railway tram line on the beach front that used to obstruct her path of travel to the beach.


To accommodate this problem her husband built an underground tunnel from the Bordeaux mansion to the natural pool where she bathed daily. This pool is today known as Graaf's Pool and is used as a male nudist swimming pool, while the "secret" underground tunnel still exists and runs under the Sea Point's Beach Road. If you don't believe me, then when you do visit the area, walk down to Graaf's Pool - and as you go down the steps from the promenade, look to your right and you will see the entrance to the tunnel boarded up in the beach front wall. The above is the type of hidden secret of my city that I just love telling my visitors to Cape Town as a tourguide. If you ever are in need of the services of a top class Cape Town tourguide then please visit my website at:
Selwyn Davidowitz


From Kenya (continued): We specialize in individual families and small groups but we are also experienced in handling special interest groups, large groups and incentive tours. The Company has diversified over the years with clients demand and today, we are able to offer a wide variety of tours which include camping, lodge/luxury tented camps, flying safaris, coast holidays, Hotel/Lodge bookings, camel safaris, educational tours, cycling, conferences, flights, and car hire.  We do Safaris to Loita Hill, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Baringo, Lake Turkana, Naivasha, Samburu, Meru, Amboseli, Tsavo, Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi and Lake Victoria. Across the borders, we have safaris to: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Lake Tanganyika, Gombe, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, Arusha National Park, Mountain Climbing to Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Mt Oldoinyo Lengai,Mkomazi, Discover Tanzania, Diving & Beach holidays to Zanzibar & Mafia Island. Murchison Falls, Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Mgahinga, and Mwea National Parks in Uganda. OUR GUIDES &endash; have an extensive knowledge of the areas and are well acquainted with the different cultures and customs of East Africa as well as the wildlife and flora. Our English speaking drivers/Guides are familiar with the wildlife and many are keen birdwatchers.

TRANSPORT safari is usually by 9-seater minibuses with large windows, roof hatches, and UHF radio for quick communication to the office. For some of the safaris, specialized 4WD vehicles are used.

ECOTOURISM: Our motto is to leave as little trace of our prescience as possible so that others coming after will discover the natural beauty as we have had the pleasure to experience. Most of our walking safaris involve the local tribesmen as our guides and some of the revenue goes to the well being of the communities in the respective areas. For More Information please visit our web site; http://www.naturetreksafari.com
We can work on your brochure or your itinerary according to your plan and give you a competitive quote please do not heisted to contact us.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards.
Michael Njoroge
PO BOX 34817-GPO 00100
TEL: 254 2 341188/229062
FAX: 254 2 243572

Africa Travel Association, E-Mail: africatravelasso@aol.com
Tel: (212) 447-1926, Fax: (212) 725-8253

From USA
To whom it may concern:I am a junior at Drew University, minoring in museum administration. This summer, I would like to intern at your museum. For the past three summers, I have worked at cultural institutions, the Brooklyn Museum, the Waterfront Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. At both the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical Gardens I taught in educational programs. In fact, last summer, at the Gardens, I was responsible for teaching twelve 8-9 year olds science and art. In addition to creating my own lesson plans, I helped both create and restore exhibits. I also supervised two high school students. I am also proficient in American Sign Language for the Deaf. I am enclosing my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities.

Drew University is offering a summer program to Mali, Africa in which I would love to participate, if I could raise the funding. This could be a wonderful opportunity for both of us. In exchange for

ponsoring me for this trip, I could work from Maythrough mid July and again at the end of August. I aman experienced photographer, and would keep a photodiary of my trip, which Iíd share with you. If youwould like to see a presentation that I created ongraffiti art in New York City, please go to URL. While working with your organization and DrewUniversityís West Africa program, I hope to share myexperiences with both the institutions and the peoplewith who I work. I appreciate your time. You can call me at school, at (973) 408-5601.Sincerely,Andrea Shapiro The real source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many." John Naisbitt, Megatrends