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African Fashions and Designers Win World Acclaim
What's a keeper? Thinking out of the box!
Flight News from East Africa by Prof. Wolfgang Thome
Ethiopia Book by Photographer Angela Fairbank
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Ethiopia: South to Omo Country
While I was exploring the capital with Timkat Wedajo and friends, my media colleagues headed south to visit several of the many tribes that make up the fabric of this great Ethiopian mosaic. Our magazine's focus each year is on Eco and Cultural tourism, an area where Ethiopia ranks high. This fascinating country offers ample opportunities to explore varied tribal customs.

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Are you ready to visit Djibouti?
I am Djibouti, strategically located on the Red Sea in East Africa's farthest corner. I am bordered by Ethiopia to the north and northwest, Eritrea to the north and Somalia to the southeast. Lonely Planet describes me as an ideal spot to recharge one's batteries before or after an overland trip to Ethiopia or Eritrea. The Africa Travel Association has chosen me as host country for its 11th Annual Eco Cultural Symposium from December 3 to 7. It's an ideal opportunity to showcase my travel, trade and tourism attractions to influential contacts from North America, Africa and points beyond. Some say I have the location and potential of becoming another Dubai, which time will tell. Among my most popular visitor attractions is year round diving and snorkeling in the Gulf of Aden with denizens of the deep including Whale Sharks. Geographically, I am similar in size to the state of Massachusetts, and my three main regions, include the coastal plain and volcanic plateaus in my central and southern regions and mountain ranges to the north. More->

ATA and New York University's Africa House Showcase Africa at ATA's Second Annual Presidential Forum on Tourism in New York New York, N.Y., October 4, 2007 &endash; The Africa Travel Association (ATA), a 33-year old global travel trade association promoting tourism to Africa, held its Second Annual Presidential Forum on Tourism in New York City on Friday, September 28 at New York University's Law School in Greenwich Village. Hosted by New York University's Africa House, the theme of the event was "positive news on Africa." The forum provided African leaders with the opportunity to present the continent's rich travel opportunities to almost 200 leaders from government, non-government and business communities, the tourism industry, travel trade media, and education. Each leader spoke of the need to market "Destination Africa" in a way that benefits both the continent as a whole and each individual country.

Tanzania to Host ATA's 33rd Annual Congress in Arusha, 19-23 May 2008. The Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and the Africa Travel Association (ATA) announced that Tanzania will host the Africa Travel Association's 33rd Annual Congress from 19-23 May 2008 in Arusha, the country's "Safari Capital." The announcement was made by Honorable Professor Jumanne Maghembe, Tanzania's Minister for Natural Resources, and Eddie Bergman, ATA Executive Director. ATA has significant ties to Tanzania. In May 1998, ATA held its first-ever Congress in Arusha; and in December 2003, Zanzibar hosted ATA's Eco and Cultural Tourism Symposium. Tanzania also led the association for four years, holding the position of President of the ATA International Board of Directors. More- download pdf.

Ethiopia Millennium: Many Happy Returns
By Jerry W. Bird. If our two separate visits to Ethiopia in 2000 was a blessing - the encore seven years later was a double whammy! And to make our stay even more delicious, it happened on the eve of the country's new Millennium - an occasion of special significance for Ethiopians at home and throughout the global diaspora. This month long visit was an opportunity to rekindle old friendships. One I cherished above all was with Timkat Wedajo, a gentleman who would rank number one in any country as a goodwill ambassador. His smile lights the room, and his life story is a unique journey from humble beginnings as a village shepherd, to a career in travel and tourism that has spanned many decades and won him countless friends at home and the world over. In his company I soon discovered why Addis Ababa was chosen to be first in our Great Cities of Africa editorial series. Our readers will get to know more about Timkat and his achievements further on in this edition.

What's new at Africa Travel Magazine?
Most colleagues that have met or known me during my 12 years as a magazine and web publisher are unaware of my previous life on the media scene, from a daily newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to the full spectrum as media buyer, audio visual producer, trade show manager, agency executive and national association president. An innovator since day one, I have been able to spot trends and ride them to success. Today, the media are changing like never before and the pace is staggering. Old ideas are no longer valid, which means to stay a step ahead one must rethink the entire procedure. For example , Ihave long been an advocate of the “keeper” principle and proved it with Africa Travel Magazine. Did you know that our back issues are in demand up to five years after publication? It's all in the presentation - just ask National Geographic, a journal that thrives on this very same concept.

The Yearbook Concept
My latest venture is the Yearbook, extending the useful life of a magazine from a week or month to a full year, and wrapping it up in a hard cover Souvenir Edition each fall. How do we do it. We start with a Pre Launch on the internet in December, followed by an Official Launch Edition at major events such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, NBC and Los Angeles Times Travel Shows, plus the Washington, Atlanta and Chicago Travel Expos. We follow up year round at events in Africa (Indaba, ATA World Congress), USA, Canada, Europe and China. During the year new Yearbook pages are added as breaking news occurs. Our late fall Souvenir Edition is a record of the past year plus forecast for the year ahead. Increased frequency allows us to include a more complete variety. What's more Africa Travel Magazine's Online Portal www.africa-ata.org provides news 24/7 in print and on air through our site and affiliates

Content of the Magazine's Ethiopia Millennium Edition
People of Ethiopia: Africa Travel Magazine's editors have been invited by Ethiopia's Ministry of Tourism to tour the country's Western region. An article from this latest media tour will appear in the issue, along with our profiles of the Northern, Southern and Eastern Routes. The Millennium edition will be ATA's best ever in terms of photo images, thanks to several key contributors. This includes our review of a new book of outstanding Ethiopian photos.
From Ethiopian Fashions to Wildlife Safaris: Our creative arts, sculpture and fashion section will continue to keep us #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN, while our Bird and Wildlife Gallery is sure to please.
Marketing Ethiopia: How to market Ethiopia Tourism at trade shows, road shows and media opportunities in North America and the global scene. Marketing Ethiopia to the rest of Africa. Profile of Ethiopia's Travel Ministry, Tour Operators Association, Hotel Association and the industry at large.
The Internet: Why the ATA website is #1 on Google for Marketing Ethiopia Travel and Tourism to the USA, Canada and Asia. Directory of important links for Ethiopia trade and tourism at home and in target markets.
Events: Monthly Calendar of Ethiopia's Millennium activities and regional festivals.
Business: Major Investment Opportunities with two way Canada- USA- Ethiopia Trade Missions. Excerpts from Africa: Continent of Opportunity" by David Fick. Contacts at Banks and Investment Houses.
Air Travel: Air Highways profile of Ethiopian Airlines and new regional air travel options. Airports and infrastructure development. Getting here via Atlantic and Pacific routes - with exotic Oriental and Middle East stopovers. Africa Travel Magazine interviews airport authorities.
Hospitality Scene: New Luxury Hotels Changing the Face of Ethiopia Tourism. Profile of Sheraton Addis and several of the country's newest hotels and lodges.
Journeys into History: Photo tour of Ethiopia's famous museums, monasteries and monuments. Lucy on display, plus other hidden treasures of Ethiopia from our team's many visits throughout the country.
Homecoming Tours: An invitation to the Ethiopian Diaspora worldwide. Building an Ethiopian Diaspora Millennium Database.
Towns and Cities: Presenting Addis Ababa, the first profile in our "Great Cities of Africa" series. Mayors and Community Leaders speak on issues addressed at the UN World Urban Forum. Introducing Africa in Bloom" - a community beautification initiative.
Have we forgotten anything? If so let us know and our editors will add it in the next Yearbook update.