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Enjoy Ghana and Africa's Gold Coast
with Silicon Travel and Tours
See our Ghana index (left) for details on the destinations, attractions and events covered in Silicon's extensive tour program. These include the Cape Coast and Elmira Castle, Kakum National Forest, Durbar Ceremony, Kumasi and Ashante Kingdom Cultural Villages. Quality accommodation in Accra includes the Labadi Beach Hotel (above fotomation), one of the official hotels of the 24th ATA World Congress. Our Ghana Background pages feature attractions such as the following:

Elmina and Cape Coast Castles
Scattered along Ghana's Atlantic Coast are 26 historic stone and concrete structures, built over 400 years ago by the Europeans . Originally intended as trading posts, they ended up as slave dungeons for millions of Africans, captured and forced into slavery. Many dungeons have been restored to their original form, as testimonials to the drama and tragedy of human encounter. The slave castles of Elmina and Cape Coast, are two recently designated as World Heritage monuments. Together with the Dubois Memorial Center for Pan African Culture in Accra, they crystallize the African experience of slavery, partition, colonialism, racism and the struggle for independence, emancipation and human rights.

Explore the links on this site, then call Silicon for bookings, or more information. Tours also include Togo, The Gambia, Benin, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina-Faso and other West African destinations are in Silicon's program.


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Labadi Beach Hotel Fotomation