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Golfing's Big "Four" in East Africa

When people think of Kenya, often times they thing of the Big Five - the top prize game trophy's hunters used to go after on safari; lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. But recently, Kenya has gaining fame for it's Big "Four" from golfing enthusiasts around the world. Surprising? Not really. Kenya has been growing its golf community since the early 1900's, expanding into locales that provide some of the most unique golf experiences in the world. Kenya is host to some of the best golf courses in Africa with incredible scenery, live hazards (not to mention sometimes dangerous) and some of the toughest courses in Africa. We've chosen four of the top courses in Kenya that shouldn't be missed while on safari:

MUTHAIGA GOLF CLUB - 6676 yards - par 71

Muthaiga is easily known as THE Championship Course in Kenya. Host to the annual Kenya Open (European PGA), the course boasts challenging holes, beautifully manicured greens and incredible flowering bushes that line almost every hole. With a spectacular course layout you are sure to be caught off guard by the fast greens and the many bunkers ready to gulp up your ball.

WINDSOR GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - 6751 yards - par 72

The Windsor is one of the most prestigious golf resorts in Kenya. Built on 200 acres of lush Victorian-style landscape, the club provides vacationers with excellent golfing and spectacular scenery. The course itself provides a gorgeous view of Mt. Kenya's snow capped peak; and is bordered by a coffee plantation and indigenous forest, which attracts hundreds of Sykes monkeys. The course claims the longest hole in Africa at 640 yards.

NYALI GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - 6510 yards - par 71

The winds of Nyali are said to be the most treacherous hazard on the course. Located on Kenya's coast (not directly on the ocean), the winds off the Indian Ocean can cut strokes off your game or add several, so be prepared for a challenge. You will find it is worth it, with the course's gently rolling hills surrounded by the radiant Flame tree, it a course not to be missed.

LIMURU COUNTRY CLUB - 6519 yards - par 71

Golfers rave about how enjoyable golfing Limuru can be. The setting on tea plantations is lush and relaxing. The course is set at and elevation of 7000 feet, which provides for fresh air and soft green carpets of turf. Stay out of the sand traps; they are painfully deep.

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Kenya Golf Union

The KGU was set up in 1928 to act as the national representative of all golfing clubs in Kenya. The KGU's tasks include promotion of the game and maintaining the international standards of the game in the country.

Other duties range from maintaining a uniform men's handicapping system, control, management and organisation of the Kenya Open Golf Championship, the Kenya Men's Amateur Championships and the open Kenyan events, to maintaining and upholding the Rules of Golf and acting as arbitrator in disputes regarding rules and their interpretations. A detailed list of responsibilities and a brief history of the Union is also available.

An annual general meeting of the Kenya Golf Union is held each year in May. The main duties at this meeting is to elect the Chairman and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is then responsible for the work of the Union subject to the General Council.

When any matter of importance arises it is discussed and decided at the General Council Meeting at which each member club is entitled to be represented and vote.

The day-to-day problems which arise are entrusted to the Executive Committee, but all decisions of this Committee are subject to review by the General Council. Since its formation, however, the work of the Union has grown to such an extent that it has become necessary to form permanent sub-committees working within the Executive Committee to deal with separately with such matters as rules (interpretation and approval of local rules), The Junior Golf Activities and The Kenya Open Championship.

The Union does not interfere with the domestic affairs of clubs, all it is concerned with is the organisation of the game as a whole, the arranging of certain events and tours by visiting teams and giving advice to clubs when asked. One of its most important function is the maintaining of a uniform system of handicapping in line with that adopted in other parts of the world.

The Union also produces each year a golfing calender giving the dates of all open competitions and events played under the aegis of the Union. This is necessary to avoid fixture clashing and to ensure each club is allotted a fair share of the open events approved..

http://www.kgu.or.ke/index.html lll

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Golf Contacts:

Debert C. Cook, CMP
African American Golfer's Digest


Event Planners Plus!
139 Fulton Street, Suite 209
New York, NY 10038

Tel: (212) 571-6559 (Ext. 11)

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