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East African Safari Rally


After 1,602.88 kilometres of competition over some of the most gruelling and challenging roads in Kenya and Tanzania, the all-Kenyan crew of Rob Collinge and Anton Levitan claimed their second consecutive victory in the East African Safari Rally, the world's most historic rally. The Datsun 260Z crew took the lead after the third leg and finished the event back in Mombasa with nearly 26 minutes in hand. Former World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist, the early leader, finished second in the Historic Motorsport Escort RS1600, with Frederic Dor, in the Tuthill-prepared Porsche 911, third overall.

"I'm totally delighted that everyone has enjoyed themselves so much. They've seen our beautiful country and everyone is saying they want to come back on holiday. To have all these happy people in Kenya means a great deal to everyone involved; Kenya has been delighted to host everyone and looks forward to welcoming everyone back again soon." Mike Kirkland - Event Director
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A Sports Tourism Special has topped our agenda for several years, and an interview with Mike Kirkland paved the way. A supporter since day one, Mike introduced us to the East African Safari Rally, December 1-10, 2005. The exciting event starts and ends in Mombasa -- under the giant horns in town center. In addition to a CD we plan to use at 10 Adventure Travel Expos starting this fall, Mike opened the door to a wealth of information through the Rally's web site, such as these comments:

"Following the celebrated running of its 50th anniversary in 2003, the East African Safari Rally returns in 2005 and the event will run from 1-10 December. The world's greatest classic car rally will cover a marathon 4,200 km over nine days and once again take the crews through the remote and beautiful landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania. The East African Safari Rally commemorates the original Coronation Safari, a unique event run by enthusiasts to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. In 1960 the event was renamed the East African Safari Rally, running annually until 1972, and, in keeping with the sense of history, only cars produced before 31 December 1974 (or the exact same car if built before 1978) are eligible to compete." Watch our Home Page for further announcements on our ATA media coverage and visit: http://www.eastafricansafarirally.com/index.html

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