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Providing the finest wildlife safaris and Kilimanjaro treks exclusively in Tanzania for 22 years. We are dedicated to our guests, to Tanzania and to its people. http://www.thomsonsafaris.com

We hold the conviction that Tanzania offers the ultimate safari experience. There is no greater wildlife experience in the world than in Tanzania, a nation that devotes 25% of its land to conservation and boasts the highest concentration of animals anywhere in the world. We're passionate about Tanzania, and it is our great privilege to introduce others to this beautiful and welcoming country.

We were the first U.S. company licensed to operate safaris in Tanzania.

As a Tanzania safari operator we employ our guides full time, and they are the best in the business. We do not subcontract guides as most operators do. All of our guides are born and raised in Tanzania. They live and breathe their environment, and have trained many long years to reach the position of guide. The majority have been with Thomson Safaris for 10 years or more. They are trained naturalists, environmentalists, and unparalleled game spotters. Today we employ nearly 70 staff in our Arusha operation. Our U.S. safari experts are in daily contact with our Tanzania office giving us a measure of control other companies just don't have.

We design our own safaris

Whether you want to trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro, witness the migration of wildebeest in the Serengeti or experience the ancient culture of the noble Maasai people, you want to make sure that your itinerary allows you the best experience possible.

We understand the importance of a great itinerary.

All-inclusive pricing with round-trip international airfare from the U.S. (Land only pricing available)

A pace that allows for immersion in your experience

Taking into account the seasonal concentrations of wildlife

Accommodations that are a good value and located in the best areas

Keeping safety first

Traveling in well-maintained customized four wheel drive safari vehicles

No mileage restrictions while wildlife viewing

Traveling with experienced and knowledgeable Tanzanian guides who are fluent in English and passionate about their country.

We have the resources and the knowledge to get things done.

With over two decades behind us, weve had ample time to work out all the kinks, and can handle any little bumps along the way with ease and professionalism. That translates into the smoothest and safest possible safari experience for our passengers. Another benefit is that we have long-standing relationships with the Tanzanian government, game wardens, park keepers, and the Ministry of Tourism. These friendships are extremely helpful when problems arise, and are essential to the running of safe, successful safaris in Tanzania.

Thomson Safaris
14 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472

Web Site: http://www.thomsonsafaris.com/