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Calling All Travel Professionals
by Muguette Goufrani

muguetteThis page is devoted to Travel Agents, the most frequent visitors to this web site and subscribers to our travel industry magazines. While most of our media efforts target the Travel Trade, the internet by its very nature is wide open to a universal audience. I read recently that, “getting information via the internet was like taking a drink from a fire hose. ” You get a soaking whether you want it or not. But quite often it works the other way, you get cut off in mid stream by some gimmick or other, and end up frustrated. I hope our web site can be one of the positive exceptions. Let me know if you like our format, find us easy to navigate, and by all means please identify some of the destination areas and topics you would like to see us cover on line and in the magazine. If you wish to volunteer as a reporter for your area, please e-mail

Having spent many years in the travel trade media, we interact with travel agents on a daily basis; sharing their hopes and expectations, as well as their concern for the future of this exciting and rewarding industry. We will provide an insight into North America's travel agents, their numbers and geographic distribution by state and province in the USA and Canada, their professional affiliations, and the major events where they congregate.

 Watch for new material on a regular basis, including statistics from associates who are considered specialists in travel marketing and media..

Web pages on this site that feature travel trade organizations include: ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents, ARTA (Association of Retail Travel Agents, ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agents, WTO (World Tourism Organization), WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) and more to come. Agencies promoting travel to Africa are invited to join ATA (Africa Travel Association) which has partnership agreements with several key organizations.

Travel Trade Events - See our Venues Page.

Sometime soon, we will divide our site into segments, providing a section that is Travel Agent specific, including those persons interested in joining the profession or attending travel schools. Eventually there will be access by passwords.

Watch for much more from myself and our agency colleagues in coming features - on this page - and the new section that will spring from it. For starters, here are some of the items on line at the moment that may be of help to you, plus some key contacts from our data base. Also check the LINKS on the side column, relating to destinations and modes of travel.

Africa Travel Association (ATA) holds 26th International Congress in Cape Town South Africa May 20-25, 2001.
Now you can join the association on-line. A complete 300 page web site with destination profiles, stories, contacts and background.

American Bus Association. Top 100 North American Events.

Learn about SATH - Society for Accessible Travel for Handicapped and Mature. An important segment of the travel industry. Get the details.

Pacific Asia Tourism Association
PATA provides Contemporary Aviation Study.
PATA 50th Annual Conference, April 8-12, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - or -

Toronto Travel & Leisure Show:
April 19-22, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Indaba South Africa: April 21-24, Durban, South Africa

Africa Travel Ass'n ATA 26th Int'l Congress
May 20-24, Capesun Inter-Continental, Cape Town, SA. P
hone (212) 447-1926

ACTA-BC Fall Conference
Oct. 13, Vancouver Convention Centre, 4-8 pm
Phone 604 688 0516, Fax 604 688 6056


Much more to come.

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