Photo by Abigail Lubliner, ATA Member

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Among the Chimpanzees at Gombe Stream National Park:
by Abigail Lubliner

"The Chimpanzees are classified among the great apes, with the gorilla, orangutan, and bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee). Large, big brain and no tail. Chimpanzees live in lowland and mountain forests, dry woodlands, and open savanna country. They range across equatorial Africa from Senegal to Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania." Continued.

On Safari: My Defining Moment
by Harold Gordon
These proud, funny faced, long-necked giraffes, each over 16 ft. tall, were almost within touching distance. I could see their the long eyelashes as one turned to look at me. They were alive, we were both alive! The giraffe and I shared this earth together, and this eye contact was a defining moment, especially for a city boy like myself, who grew up in a world of concrete and steel. When I saw these four giraffes dancing on the African horizon, my life and career changed forever." Continued



Much more to come ...