Cameroun: Un Paradis Ecotouristique
Les Elephants du Cameroun

Cameroon: An Ecotourism Paradise
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The enchanting touristic sites and landscapes of Cameroon, its densed tropical rainforest, which you will not find elsewhere in Africa. with natural beaches in Kribi and Limbe and many colorful bays, which is good for sea-side tourism, are worth visiting.

Reason 2

You can also discover the Mount Cameroon , an active volcano with a flora which can be traced back to the period of the geological times. Or register with the annual Mount Cameroon race competition. It gives you an opportunity to visit the second highest mountain in Africa.

Reason 3

Cameroon offers you true safari and enchanting landcapes. Why not book a day or two with the animals at Waza park or Dja reserve. You will find all kinds of birds, zebra, lions, giraffes and many more. For you safari lovers.

Reason 4

Discover the dynamic and ingenious people of Cameroon. They are friendly people, welcoming easy to talk to. Meet a mixture of cultures in the Cameroonian people. Discover the life of the pygmies, or the Mbororos.

Reason 5

Experience peace in a country with political and social stability and freedom. Cameroon is very rich in natural resources and has fertile lands for food cultivation round the year. Besides that: fishery, timber, lifestock offer manyy opportunities, so is the telecom sector. For you business people and investors.