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Africa Travel Magazine Editors and Broadcast Team will cover the World's Biggest Enviro-Business Expo, Vancouver, BC, Canada for the 10th year!


The GLOBE Foundation is pleased to announce that over 50 speakers have already been secured for the 10th event in the renowned GLOBE series, including some of the world's most prestigious business, government, and social leaders. Roberto Dobles, Minister of the Environment & Energy of Costa Rica (San Jose, Costa Rica), Silla Maizey Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for British Airways (Harmondsworth UK), Olivia Hartridge, Vice President Morgan Stanley (London, UK) and Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Geneva, Switzerland) will all interact with delegates through engaging conference sessions.

GLOBE 2008 is expected to host over 10,000 people (including 2,000 conference delegates, 400 exhibitors, 200 speakers) and dozens of international delegations from across the planet.  GLOBE 2008 will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia from March 12 to 14, 2008 centering around four main themes; Corporate Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change, Finance & Sustainability, and Building Better Cities.

Roberto Dobles, Minister of the Environment & Energy of Costa Rica, is in charge of Environment, Energy, Water Resources, Mining and Telecommunications for Costa Rica. Dobles is currently President of the Governing Council Bureau for the United Nations Environment Program 2007-2009, President of the Ministerial Global Environmental Forum 2007 and was the Pro Tempore President of the Central American Commission of Environment and Development (CCAD) II Semester 2006. Dr. Dobles has served as the Chairman and CEO of the National Institute of Electricity (ICE), the President of the Administration Council of the National Company of Light and Power (CNFL), Minister of Science and Technology, and Chairman and CEO of the National Refinery Company (RECOPE) in Costa Rica.

Silla Maizey, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for British Airways.  More than a decade ago British Airways became the first airline to set a target for improving fuel efficiency and led the way in advocating carbon trading. The company has set a new goal to improve aircraft fuel efficiency by 25% by 2025. It has also made improvements to the accessibility of the online passenger carbon offset scheme and aims to recycle half of its waste by 2010.

Olivia Hartridge, Vice President, Morgan Stanley, has been responsible for the implementation of several carbon credit and emissions trading programs across Europe and most recently has taken the position as Vice President for financial advising company Morgan Stanley, in charge of their "carbon bank." The program is the company's first fully-integrated carbon auditing and offsetting service. Hartridge has also managed the implementation of the EU emissions trading scheme.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Dr Pachauri has been at the helm of the IPCC since 2002, and his recent acceptance of the IPCC's Nobel Peace Prize (jointly with former US Vice-President Al Gore) is a remarkable testament to the dedication and commitment of the thousands of experts who produced the Panel's rigorous and comprehensive assessments of climate change research under his guidance.  Dr. Pachauri has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Economics. He has taught at Yale University, West Virginia University, North Carolina State University and the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad. He is the author of 23 books and several journal articles as well as writings in numerous newspapers and magazines.

The GLOBE 2008 Trade Fair will feature the world's most innovative companies showcasing their innovations and capacity; and allow visitors to learn more about the most cutting-edge advances in environmental technology. The event will allow participants to learn from one another about future prospects in the multi-billion dollar environmental market.  Over 75% of exhibit space already spoken for, including large showcases hosted by the provinces of BC, Alberta and Ontario; Austria; Belgium; France; Holland; Korea; the UK; and the USA.

GLOBE 2008 is produced by the GLOBE Foundation, an international consultancy in the business of the environment. GLOBE's expertise lies in project management, event development, and management and consulting in the fields of environment and energy, urban development, and corporate responsibility. GLOBE is North America's longest operating producer of environmental business events, having produced the GLOBE series since 1993.

For further information, and to download the preliminary conference program visit


Jeremy Dunn

Curve Communications Group

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