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Princess Africa Cruises
West Africa: 31-Day Cape Town to London Ship: Ocean Princess . Ports of Call: Cape Town, South Africa; Cape Town, South Africa; Banjul, Gambia; Dakar, Senegal; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands; Cadiz (Seville), Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Le Havre (Paris), France; Dover (London), England

"Safari" is the Swahili word for adventure and that's just what Princess has in store for you. Join Princess on its World Cruise and sail to exotic ports in magnificent India and on the beautiful continent of Africa.
The Arabian Sea leg of the Princess World Cruise culminates with a stop in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India. While in port, you can choose to explore Mumbai briefly on a highlights tour of the busy city or stray from the beaten path and explore the 'unexplored' parts of Mumbai where the old charm of India still resonates. Cruise to Luxor/Karnak, Egypt on the northeastern tip of Africa during the three-port excursion to Egypt. Visit the two greatest landmarks of Ancient Egypt's New Kingdom (1570 - 1100BC): the mighty Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings, a vast necropolis on the west bank of the Nile River

As founders of the successful Air and Marine Tourism Conference, first held in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1997, we are proud to present the following article by Lelei LeLaulu, a regular speaker at African Travel Association events. Africa Travel Magazine is a strong supporter of Marine Tourism and our Air HIghways Magazine of Open Skies has been active since 1995. For information on our previous Air and Marine Conference click here.


DAKAR: Senegal and The Gambia should invest more in developing marine tourism, together, before the big cruise lines increase arrivals in West Africa, urged a development expert.

"Once the big cruise companies start sailing into West Africa - which they will because of rising fuel prices and the need for fresh destinations," predicted Lelei LeLaulu, co-chairman of Innovation for Sustainable Development Centre, "if there are no local arrangements for their passengers, they are likely to build their own on-shore facilities, thereby decreasing cruise revenues for the host countries."

"West Africa should learn from the Caribbean experience where cruise lines have built their own destinations with beaches, shops and touristic activities where infrastructure was absent," stated LeLaulu, a director of the Caribbean Media Exchange for Sustainable Tourism (CMEx), who admitted marine and cruise tourism can be good for Africa if managed sustainably.

Speaking to reporters at Senegal's first "Salon TICCA," showcasing tourism, cultural industries and art from Africa, LeLaulu, an adviser to the Africa Travel Association, said the Gambian River "should be developed to enhance the tourism offerings of the West African region."

"For example, you should be able to fly from the heart of the ancient desert kingdom of Timbuktu, in Mali, onto a traditional, or modern fishing boat, and sail between Dakar and Banjul in a matter of hours," asserted LeLaulu, who also advises CDC Development Solutions, a Washington DC agency which links tourism to business development in several African countries.

The marine, river and coastal assets of West Africa offered "huge opportunities for multi-day cruises which both Senegal and The Gambia can jointly develop - there are well over 500 species of birds and an abundance of wildlife to draw visitors to the river and its many waterways," he opined.

"Gambian and Senegalese companies have the means to really turn the Gambian River into an attractive destination - it has rich human assets with several culturally distinct peoples sharing the waterway, as well as the architectural heritage of the Portuguese, French and English colonial periods," LeLaulu asserted.

"And for those yearning for the fruits of the deep, it has some of the best fishing on the continent, with record deep water catches recorded off the West African coast," he reported, "while the Gambian river delta and waterways boast a cook's seafood delight."

LeLaulu also urged more marine transportation: "there are high-speed boats in Senegal and Gambia which can ferry passengers between the two West African capitals in two hours for those wanting to avoid driving to and from airports for the short Dakar-Banjul flight."

About The Caribbean Media Exchange

The Caribbean Media Exchange provides a neutral platform for the continuing discussion of the key linkages between media, government, private sector and civil society in ensuring tourism enhances the health, environment, education, culture, and wealth of destinations in a climate friendly fashion.

Visit the Temples of the Pharaohs on a luxurious Nile Cruise
Our grand experience on Moevenpick's Royal Lily following the ATA 34th World Congress in Cairo featured in our Northern Africa Yearbook Edition.

VIsit Africa's Exotic Ports on a Floating Resort

During her career as a Travel Agent in Tahiti, Muguette Goufrani, our Associate Editor, worked for Matson Lines. Later, visiting West Africa on a cruise from Europe along the Gold Coast and Ivory Coast, she ended up working there for several years. Ms. Goufrani's views on Cruising Africa will appear in this section and in print. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, one of the world's finest ports and center of the famous Love Boat Cruises to Alaska. Her Editor Jerry Bird, worked aboard the paddlewheeler SS Keno on the fabled Yukon River system. Together they can give you some sound advice based on experience.

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The airfields data base initiated by the Aero Club of East Africa is taking shape on the Club's web site It is effectively acomputerized airfields manual, showing mainly Kenyan airfields, including details like co-ordinates, runway headings and lengths/widths, operator details, any cautions, as well as photographs. So far some three hundred Kenyan airfields and airports are available 'on line'. The service is free. All pilots are requested to assist in particular with aerial photos of the airfields. Please forward any pictures of the runways and also 'ground shots' to Alexander Galley who is actively assembling the latest airfield data for the Manual on behalf of the Aero Club. His email address is: The Aero Club wishes to acknowledge the kind assistance by Capt. Tad Watts of Boskovic Air Charters in providing details of many airstrips in Kenya. The hard work of site moderator Daniel Szlapak, and of Alexander Galley, is also greatly appreciated by the Club.

Emirates Airlines Expands Middle East Schedule


United Airlines Announces Schedule for First-Ever Service to Africa

CHICAGO: United Airlines (Nasdaq: UAUA) announced the schedule for the airline's first-ever nonstop service to the African continent, with once-daily service linking Washington with Accra, the capital of Ghana, beginning June 20. To celebrate the new service to Africa, United is offering special fares for travel between June 20 and August 29, 2010.   Sample discounted fares to Accra are each-way based on a required roundtrip purchase and tickets must be purchased no later than March 22, 2010. Additional taxes and fees apply. More



by Prof. Wolfgang Thome
This column is known to advocate for years now towards the introduction of a single Visa for visitors from abroad to the region, to stimulate more traffic and attract more tourist and business travellers to East Africa. Added to this is the outstanding issue of NOT charging Visa fees to expatriates duly registered in one of the East African member states and allow them and their families too unrestricted travel across the region, many of whom are now spending their holiday time in places where no Visa are required by them.

Airlines in the region have now caught on to this demand, seeking to fill their planes with more passengers, and notably the Uganda country manager of Brussels Airlines Mr. Pierre Declerk is quoted in the media of having in fact challenged the scribes to join the cause and demand action from the responsible ministers through their newspapers. Other airline sources, while also supporting the idea, have however not gone on public record yet, a situation which ought to change if they want to succeed in having a single Visa become a fast reality.

In Dubai: World's Leading Hostess Training Institute

Delta Expands Africa Presence with First-Ever Flight between Atlanta and Monrovia, Liberia
Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), the only U.S. network carrier to serve Africa, today announced it will expand its service to the African continent with the introduction of the first and only flight between Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Monrovia's Roberts International Airport, Liberia*.  The service, which will make a stop at Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island, Cape Verde*, will start in June, 2009.Continued.

Gobena Mikael. Ethiopian Airlines Regional Director for the Americas

Marketing Africa Travel, Trade and Tourism Texas Style . details
Africa Travel Magazine Readers. Visit our Air Highways Magazine Website for an added perspective on international travel, trade, tourism, careers and investment



Flight Safety Foundatio


Homeland Security at FOSE

Who flies where and when? The World's Major Airlines
Review by Jerry W. Bird, Editor. From my early experience with bush pilots in the far Yukon to service in the Royal Canadian Airforce and my more recent work with Transport Canada and our airport network, flying has always been in my blood. Little wonder I can hardly wait for our next long haul to Africa. W ith our biggest aviation edition in ten years well underway, serendipity played its familiar role in my life when I received THE WORLD'S MAJOR AIRLINES by David Wragg. It arrived by mail last week courtesy of the MBI Publishing, St. Paul, MN and was presented by John Wurm, Publicist for Military and Aviation. I plan to write this book review in installments, since my first reading was to get an overall position on how valuable this timely and well researched book will be in my evaluation of Africa's airlines and others serving the continent. Here are some comments from MBI that help set the stage. "Today there are so many airlines operating throughout the world that even the most knowledgeable enthusiast can soon become confused about which airline flies from where to where. This new, fully illustrated edition has been revised and updated to include the major advances in the aviation industry since 1998." More->

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Kenya Airways latest Fleet Expansion news. Go

Flight Network - Search for Airfare Bargains
Travelers have been saving 10 - 70% on cheap flights from Canada to the USA and International Destinations since 1998.

Air Transat has been admitted as an official member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), becoming the second Canadian passenger carrier currently part of this organization. Yesterday morning, IATA's Doug Lavin, Vice-President for North America, and Gunther Matschnigg, Senior Vice President Safety, Operations and Infrastructure gave the official membership certificate to Air Transat's President and CEO Allen B. Graham. IATA has 230 members in 125 countries, representing 93 percent of scheduled international air y

"Aerial Highway" Critical for poor countries
From Airline Industry. Without a rational "Aerial Highways" system lifting tourists in and flying goods and services out to global markets, the world's poorer countries will be "sentenced to abject poverty," said the head of a development agency. Speaking this week to European aviation chiefs assembled in Oslo, Lelei LeLaulu, president of Counterpart International, observed terrestrial highways, roads and bridges are recognised as essential components of infrastructure responsible for turning new frontiers into thriving communities as goods and commodities were transported to markets. More-> ea

Emirates adds Toronto Flight.
Visit Middle East on your way to Africa.
Oneworld Humanitarian Mission to South Africa

African American Pioneers in Aviation

Safest Year on Record for Air Transport
Africa's Future in the Air
Etihad Guest soars to 100,000 membership mark
Quick Now! Name the Top 10 Africa Vacations!

Is the Passenger Bill of Rights necessary? Or does the current regulatory framework provide adequate protection for the consumer? What does the Department of Transportation's Final Order mean for airports and airlines? What is the future of examining airline industry practices for predatory pricing given current case law?

Larry Berg, president and CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority, says, "Routes 2010 will give our marketing team a key vehicle for promoting new routes for both passengers and cargo. Not only will delegates be able to enjoy the facilities and cultural legacies of the Olympic Games, but they will also be able to experience firsthand the new International Terminal facilities and the Canada Line rapid transit link to downtown."

Introducing Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited, Nairobi,(Kenya). More->

Pioneer Aviators Inspired Today's Long Haul Flights . Travel from Vancouver to Africa via Asia Pacific recalls the vision of Edmonton's Grant MacConachie, former bush pilot and founder of Canadian Pacific Airlines. Grant dreamed of an air bridge to the Orient and across the pole. The Aviator, Howard Hughes was another famous visionary. See our item about his famous Spruce Goose. More

Air Highways to Africa
What most readers and ATA members don't know is that our first step in publishing was a series of travel maps showing various modes of transportation. Several hundred thousand copies were printed and distributed for our clients Best Western Hotels and Avis Rent A Car to their customers in North America. This led to an assignment by the Government of Canada to create a unique "Supermap" of Air Routes. Travelers wanted to know how to get from here to there - and most still do, judging from the e-mail inquires we receive. From this foundation we met with Transport Canada and regional Airport Managers to arrange distribution and develop a monthly series of articles. In 1995, we launched "Air Highways Magazine" and organized an Air Highway Day event to showcase member airports and communities to the travel trade. This success was followed by an Air and Marine Tourism Expo (continued).

Visit Mombasa Air Safaris ...
at the General Aviation Terminal at Mombasa's Moi International Airport and you will step out of bright tropical heat into cool efficiency. With its separate terminal building with hard stand for aircraft parking just outside the window, you can be ticketed and through the passenger lounge for screening and then board your flight in minutes. Mombasa Air Safari has staff based at Diani Beach, Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu all along the Kenya Coast to provide friendly and efficient services on their daily flights to LAMU, AMBOSELI, TSAVO and the MASAI MARA. Owned and operated by two Kenyans, Christine Cronchey and John Cleave since 1974, they can claim to be the best known Kenya Coast airline More->

African Airlines Association
While conducting a series of interviews with government, businesses and industry associations in Kenya for our coming edition, "Air Highways to Africa." we were fortunate to have arranged a meeting at the head office of the African Airlines Association (AAFRA). Much more information about this organization will follow on this website and in print. (continued)
Flight to the Land of Diamonds
It is common knowledge that when you mention diamonds and Angola in the same sentence, people are all ears and their eyes grow wider. This beautiful, bountiful country ranks high on the world scene for this precious gem in addition to its rich oil reserves. Host Country Day, Wednesday November 2 began with a flight via Fokker 50 to the Province of Lunda Sul Saurimo, organized by the National Diamond Company, Endiama E.P.. (Continued)