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25-04-2013 Panapress 


The average growth of air transport in Africa could reach 5.2 percent in 2013 against 5.1 percent in 2012, according to the Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), Elijah Chingosho. 

"The huge growth potential of the African continent stimulate the development of air transport and the average growth, which stood at 4.5 percent in 2011, reached 5.1 pc in 2012 and could be 5.2 pc in 2013 ' , stated inter alia Mr. Elijah Chingosho during an exchange with the press in Brazzaville. 

According to him, during the past eight years, air traffic in Africa has increased annually by an average of 8.75 pc. 

Europe remains the main destination for intercontinental flights and 56 pc concentrates traffic, but trade with the Asia-Pacific region are set to grow. 

In addition, the Secretary-General of AFRAA called on African governments to demonstrate their commitment to the liberalization of air transport by reducing taxes. 

He spoke with various Congolese authorities that issue, he considered a major barrier to access to air transport for the majority of the population obstacle. 
19 MARCH 2013
To this also add the lack of cooperation between African airlines, high and fluctuating fuel prices contributing to the high price of the ticket and the security level. 

Elijah Chingosho insisted that the question of the level of safety is taken seriously and asked to engage with the European Union (EU) on the prohibition of many African airlines to operate in that airspace. 

Mr. Chingosho announced that Equatorial Congo Airlines (ECAIR) aviation company was now a member of the governing body of AFRAA. 

Founded in April 1968 AFRAA educates many African governments and organizations on the importance of developing an efficient air transport in Africa.


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NBAA 2007 Opens With Record-Breaking Numbers .
Wing Aviation Expands Charter Fleet

Fly to Africa from Atlantic or Pacific"Quick Now! When you think of Africa, do you visualize a luxury tented camp near Mt. Kilimanjaro? Do you see an Orient-Express class railway coach sailing through a grassy sea? Is a world class UN Convention Center and 90 foreign embassies your idea of Addis Ababa? Believe it! The state of the art facilities in hotels, resorts, lodges, and meeting places for tourists and business visitors in many African countries shatters the myths and blows away most preconceived notions." .Jerry W. Bird, Editor.


Information has been received from aviation sources in Kinshasa and confirmed by the Brussels Airlines PR department, that the Belgian national airline, arguably the European carrier with the most extensive network to Africa, has now apparently reached a deal with Kinshasa based private carrier 'Hewa Bora Airways' to form a 49/51 percent joint venture. The Congolese partner airline is already cleared to fly their B767 to European destinations, unlike all other Congolese airlines which are blacklisted by the EU over their lack of safety, maintenance and operational standards. They new venture will in the future also cover domestic and probably other continental routes (Eastern and Southern Africa), likely with the Boeing 737 and BAe 146 aircraft, which Brussels Airlines has been releasing from service some time ago and been seeking to place with their planned African ventures. It has been emphasized that JAR / EASA standards will be applied to the company across the board to ensure the safest possible operation for the new airline. This should come as a great relief to traveling Congolese and foreigners visiting the country.

Brussels Airlines investment is routed through their Mauritius based PAALCO arm, which is apparently tasked to promote African partnerships and participation for them.

CAPA releases 'landmark' Mid East aviation report
The Middle East is on track the world aviation system, Sydney-based Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation says in a report released yesterday. The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) has released what it is calling a "landmark study" into the rapidly evolving and high potential Middle East aviation market. It describes a region which is set to rewrite the world aviation system.

Beijing International Airport to test Olympic readiness
China has announced it anticipates seeing 60.6 million passengers pass through its Beijing Capital International Airport by the time it hosts the Olympic Games in 2008. We actually have just a few months to prepare for the influx of Olympic visitors in July-August," said Li Xiaomei, spokeswoman for the airport management. "Large international airports usually take six to eight months to go through testing and trial period." 

Uganda's largest privately owned passenger airline, Eagle Air, just launched their newly acquired Beech 1900 aircraft, which comes in addition to their 4 LET 410 airliners and other assorted light aircraft. Eagle serves the Ugandan domestic market with a comprehensive network across the country, but also flies to the South Sudan towns of Yei and Juba and destinations in Eastern Congo. They also carry out charter flights across the East, Central and Southern African region. Present at the launch were the Minister for Works and Transport, Hon. John Nasasira, Civil Aviation board members and management and members of the aviation fraternity. The new aircraft offers a pressurised cabin, has a higher cruising speed and attains higher cruising altitude compared with the LET 410's, making flights more comfortable for passengers. All the best to Eagle for a bright future and happy landings for the new craft.


The new board of directors and management, now in place for a few months, have vigorously embarked on a recovery programme for the Tanzanian national airline. It is understood, that while partnerships are not being ruled out, but at equitable terms unlike the failed alliances in the past, the airline is set to acquire new aircraft and will reclaim its status as 'the' Tanzanian airline. Both domestic as well as regional routes are likely to be restored soon, having left the field for too long to Kenya Airways' Tanzanian partner airline Precision Air. Entebbe is presently being served three times a week from Dar es Salaam via Kilimanjaro / Arusha but plans are afoot to restore daily flights. It was also learned that the planned daily flights on jet aircraft by Precision Air to Entebbe have been shelved for some more time in favour of continued ATR operations, which would avail a prime opportunity to Air Tanzania to re-establish itself as the main carrier between the two countries

The UAE and Djibouti based privately owned airline has expressed their desire to commence operations into and beyond Entebbe of both cargo and passenger services. In a recent meeting with H.E. President Yoweri Museveni the group discussed their interest in aviation and other potential investment areas in Uganda.

The Dubai / UAE based investment firm has recently announced its intent to acquire a majority stake in a yet to be named African airline. The continent's aviation business has been thriving in recent years and safety initiatives like IATA's operational safety audits have further assisted in making aviation not only safer but also more interesting to global investors. Pretenders have always been sniffing around African airline to pick up bargains, but with governments now generally more wary and alert to non performers, the arrival of such serious investors, as Istithmar obviously are, can only spell positive for the aviation industry on the continent. Taking aviation in the Gulf area as an example (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Oman Air to name a few), which is now offering the youngest fleets in the skies and the biggest backlog in state of the art aircraft orders, anyone now coming into Africa with ageing equipment and outdated management practises will be promptly exposed for what they are, less than serious 'partners' in developing Africa and best to be shown the door.

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by Prof. Wolfgang Thome
From beginning of July onwards SAA will add three morning flights from Johannesburg to Nairobi besides their daily afternoon departures, to cater for sharply risen demand on the route. The extra flights will operate on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. South African Airways is presently undergoing restructuring which will see the company divided into several legally separate profit centres. Major staff redundancies are also expected, as the airline seeks a return to profitability. This will include the grounding of their six Boeing 747's, leaving a fleet of 32 Airbus
models and 21 Boeing 737-800 in servi

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(established 1995)

Denis Dionne's Air News & Media Watch
More aviation and travel news from around the world from Denis Dionne of ATA Canada Chapter in Montréal, Quebec...

QATAR Airways Touches Down in Dar es Salaam

TIACA Selects Amsterdam Airport Schipol to host Air Cargo Forum 2000

Rusland Int'l Delivers Power Equipment to Tanzania
air cargo photo story


Information just released to travel agents in Uganda by Emirates brings more good news. The award winning airline is set to add a third daily flight from Dubai to New York, allowing yet more connections to the 'Big Apple' from Uganda, where a traveler to or from the country can now choose to stay over in Dubai for a few hours of shopping or sightseeing, before taking the next convenient onward flight to the United States. This is especially important also for the tourists coming to visit East Africa from the US, as once again more seats are becoming available to reach the globe's most treasured safari destination.

SN BRUSSELS TAKE ON BAR CHAIR: Mr. Pierre Declerck of SN Brussels Airlines has now for the remainder of the term taken over as acting BAR Chairperson, after the substantive office holder Mr. Emmanuel Okware, formerly of Kenya Airways, stepped down following his departure from KQ. Emmanuel, the first ever Ugandan to hold country manager status in Uganda for the airline, found his contract on expiry not being renewed under what is generally speculated over being suspect circumstances. Officials from the airline decline to comment on the matter but details are gradually emerging that such position to be held by Kenyans in the face of public assurances that the airline is a 'true East African carrier'.The Ugandan aviation fraternity and many clients of KQ who highly valued Emmanuel's professional work ethics and performance continue to be incensed over KQ's move.

Business Travel to Soar by 2015
Changes in the global economy will have the biggest impact on business travellers in the next decade according to new research out today from Barclaycard Business Download

Hear AFRAA Interview on TravelTalk Radio
Christian Folly-Kossy, AFRAA,., African Airlines Association Download

Air Madagascar from USA via Paris Ease of connections with great fares

sure has been completed. The runway expansion will allow the use of larger jet aircraft, as Malindi is presently served by turboprops.

 Ethiopian to Strengthen its Presence in the Middle East
Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing African carrier, has announced its plan to launch flight services to Kuwait and Riyadh starting June 2, 2008. The flights will operate Addis Ababa-Riyadh-Kuwait-Addis Ababa twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays with the return flights on Tuesdays and Fridays. More-.

Pioneers Inspired Today's Flights via Asia Pacific.
Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, are Gateways for Africa tours and travel.
Grant MacConachie, founder of CPA dreamed of an air bridge to the Orient. Aviator, Howard Hughes was another famous visionary\

Silverjet: British exclusively business class airline