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Angela Fairbank, Biography

     Born in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Angela has a Bachelor's Degree in French and Spanish from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Arts in Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. As part of her degree courses, she studied in Quebec City, Valencia, Madrid, and Geneva.

     Angela then moved to Brussels, Belgium and worked at the European Union for four years. She subsequently spent two years as Administrative Director of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws at the Law Faculty of a Dutch-speaking university in Belgium.

Next she was hired by a multinational conglomerate to work at its headquarters in Hong Kong. Here she created business relationships with the suppliers of logs, lumber and veneer which the company's mills in China and the Philippines were sourcing from French West Africa (Gabon, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea). She took part as interpreter in many supply contract negotiations and translated African government legal texts and other forestry information from both French and Spanish to English. Later when the Hong Kong company's commercial strategy shifted toward increasing sales overseas, she was responsible for marketing new and innovative wood products manufactured in processing facilities in China and Africa (Cameroon, Congo and Central African Republic), a service she continues to provide today.

     After spending eight years in Hong Kong, Angela returned to Vancouver in 2002 in order to study Spanish Community Interpreting, Italian, Web Publishing and Photography and then left a year and a half later on a new adventure, this time to work in the Caribbean as International Ambassador for an American cruise line.

    Finally in September 2005, after obtaining a certificate in business management, Angela opened her own consultancy company in Vancouver and currently provides services to her international clients in translation, interpreting, editing, writing, proofreading, website creation and management, marketing and photography. She has studied more than ten languages over the years and so far has visited over 90 countries in six continents. Continuing to travel often for business, Angela has managed to do what many aspire to but few achieve: make her passions of travel, languages and photography into a career.

   Angela has recently self-published five books of her photography all under the series "Though the Eyes of a Photographer".  Current travel-related titles include "Ethiopia Through the Eyes of a Photographer" and "Vancouver Through the Eyes of a Photographer." Two of her Ethiopian photographic portraits from the Omo Valley were exhibited at Exposure Gallery in Vancouver, in December 2007. More book publications and exhibitions are in the works for 2008.

New book on Ethiopia from Angela Fairbank
"I am pleased to announce that I have finally published a book of photography from my travels in Ethiopia. In this e-mail you should be provided with a link so that you can view it on-line. It is also announced on my website at www.acfairbankconsulting.ca/photographer.htm. Copies of the book can be ordered through my website." Angela Fairbank acfairbank@shaw.ca www.acfairbankconsulting.ca