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Cape Coast Castles
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Durbar Ceremony
Roadside Commerce
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Ghana Fashions
Bead Making Art
Slave River-

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Tour photos by Muguette Goufrani

Attractive wooden toys are popular at roadway stands.

From logging trucks to vintage convertibles- it's your choice.

Unique wooden coffins is a releatively new cottage industry

Entire town whose focus is on breadmaking draws customers from as far away as Accra. How to use you head in marketing bread.

Drum makers stand features many varieties.

Manufacture of beads is a growing cottage industry in Ghana.

Bundles of ticking.

Finished pillows for sale at highway stands.

Pots, pots and more pots made along the tour route.

Manufacture of wooden ceremonial stools.

Family Kente Cloth Weaving Centers abound along the tour routre

Drum sellers take time out to entertain our editors

Photos on this page by Muguette Goufrani during ATA 31st Congress and Grand Post Tour of Ghana