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Available On the Internet: African trade Beads


Available On the Internet: African trade Beads

Excerpt from the website: "Ghana has a long tradition of bead culture dating back over the last 4000 years. Some Ghanaian ethnic groups, past and present have a record of both bead production and use. For example, the Akyem Abompe area, in the hills of the Kwahu Plateau, is noted for its bauxite bead production and use. In this chapter, I will discuss the main types of beads found in Ghana, and explain what the archaeological record can tell us about these beads. African Trade Beads are culturally, historically and archaeologically important in Ghana. This web site introduces the reader to African Trade Beads in Ghana through the histories of living people who wear, trade or produce African Trade Beads. As part of the project to conserve and display the Museum of Archaeology bead collection, the site aims to explain how the African Trade Beads that are found in Ghanaian markets and in the archaeological record came to Ghana, and why.".

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